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The Inbound Coaching Program provides a wide variety of services to help you and your team achieve measurable transformation from traditional marketing to the latest inbound marketing processes. The program offers coaching, consulting, training and professional development to both individuals and groups, tailored to your current team’s needs.

Below is an explanation of the program terms:

  • inbound partner for executive coachingProductivity Coaching is an ongoing 1-on-1 or group conversation designed to take the person/group  from where they currently are, to where they need to be. While the staff member is the expert in their field, the coach is there to support, inspire and fine tune the individual’s skills by removing barriers and empowering them to reach the organisation’s inbound goals and vision.
  • Productivity Training is the accelerated learning of new inbound skills for the day-to-day running of the business, helping to save time and increase productivity of both the individual and the team. The trainer acts as a technical advisor to provide training on shortcuts, hacks, and tips on either hard skills, such as HubSpot software or soft skills, such as Agile scrums, content calendars etc. (Our normal HubSpot on-site training focuses more on hard skills and using the software).
  • Consulting is the evaluation of the organisation’s challenges and provides the client with a list of recommendations - what changes need to happen and how to implement those changes.

In this tailor-made program you have access to all three levels as per the findings from the Pre-Inbound Executive Coaching Review.

This a normally a 12 week program for marketing and sales manager(s) to harness the initial momentum and excitement inherent to inbound planning and strategy. This program shows how to deliver clear campaign success with transparent metrics, and how to get your team ready to continue these efforts after the initial three month inbound campaign phase. With the help of an Crocodile Marketing’s certified consultant and implementation specialist, your organisation will receive both technical & management guidance to leverage the HubSpot tools and Inbound Methodology.

This program will cover:

  • Steps to deliver a campaign successfully
  • Perform a content audit and identify buyer journey marketing assets required
  • Set marketing objectives and goals around buyer personas
  • Create a Marketing & Sales Service Level Agreements (SLA) for better team results
  • Create a content strategy that is buyer persona facing
  • Get your team ready to deliver inbound campaigns

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Is this right for me?

Whether your organisation is just getting started in inbound marketing or has been going for a while, the Inbound Coaching Program will prepare the managers & your staff to better attract strangers, convert visitors, close leads and delight customers.

Improving your proficiency and management with HubSpot will improve your inbound results. And you and your staff will learn how to create quality contextual content to give you the cutting edge of marketing.

What’s the Cost?

We tailor the program to your organisation and staff needs. So we charge $550 (+GST) to do a Pre-Inbound Coaching Review. After the review we will provide you with a detailed agreement and pricing. If you decide to go ahead with the agreement we will credit the full amount of the review against any future work you do with Crocodile Marketing.

Call now to arrange a chat with one of our certificated Inbound Consultants about tailoring a program for your organisation.


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