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Hubspot & Inbound Marketing Pinnacle Training is designed for customers on the Hubspot software suite who want a more personalized onsite training experience. With the help of an Hubspot certified partner and implementation specialist, you will receive both technical guidance to properly configure the HubSpot software and inbound campaign implementation to leverage the HubSpot tools and Inbound Methodology.

Team learning inbound marketing

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Here's a walk through of what you'll be getting

  • An certified Content and Inbound Partner 
  • HubSpot PartnerAssistance with the technical set up associated with the HubSpot Software
  • Staff training using the Hubspot tools tailored to your marketing needs
  • Guidance on developing, managing and executing two (2) inbound marketing campaigns
  • 5 Onsite training days using Hubspot and inbound methodology. (First 3 days are done within the first 30 days)
  • Free travel costs for Brisbane and Gold Coast regions. (Travel costs apply outside these areas)
  • 90 Days access to Content and Inbound Partner to assist with implementation, content creation, inbound implementation mentor and technical assistance.

Content and Inbound Partner will guide you on your inbound marketing journey by determining where and how your business can extract increased marketing ROI from your HubSpot subscriptions. And act as your project manager to make sure you have all the resources and advice you need to get started with inbound as quickly as possible. This campaign development will also include any tool-related training needed for you to be successful.

There are two options available Gold and Pinnacle

Gold Level HubSpot On-Site Training 

Includes 3 full days on site for up to 6 poeple over a 60 days. Total cost is of $5000 (+gst) with 2 monthly payments of $2500 (+gst) over 2 months.

(This level also includes email and extra remote training for staff if required over the 120 day period for free).

Day 1 - Understanding Inbound

  • simple learning - kids using laptopUnderstanding Inbound Marketing methodology
    • The Fundamentals of Blogging
    • Amplifying Your Content with Social Media
    • The Anatomy of a Landing Page
    • Sending the Right Email to the Right Person
    • The Power of Smarketing
    • Taking Your Sales Process Inbound
  • Creating Buyer Persona
  • Mapping Content for Buyer Journey

Day 2 Building 1st Inbound Marketing Campaign

This will walk you through the necessary steps to build an inbound campaign around a content offer for your business.

  • Select a piece of content
  • Create thank you page
  • Create a Form
  • Create landing page
  • Create Call To Action buttons

Day 3 - Promoting 1st Inbound Marketing Campaign

This will walk you through the necessary steps to launching and promoting an inbound campaign around a content offer for your business.

  • Create a list of contacts
  • Create an email
  • Identify keyword for blog articles
  • Create and schedule a minimum of 2 blog posts
  • Schedule your related social media posts
  • Launch campaign

Pinnacle Level HubSpot On-Site Training 

Includes Gold Level and 2 extra full days on-site for up to 6 people over 90 days with training with inbound sales (HubSpot CRM) and Workflows. (This level also includes email and extra remote training for staff if required over the 120 day period for free).

Total cost $7500 (+gst) with 3 payments of $2500(+gst) over 3 months.  

Day 4 - Building 2nd Inbound Marketing Campaign

  • Report and analysing your first inbound campaign
  • Mapping the steps for 2nd inbound marketing campaign
  • Additional Hubspot training base on staff needs

Day 5 - Convert More With Inbound Sales 

  • Building content and social media calendar for inbound sales.
  • CRM integration and WorkflowsOn-going inbound coaching and training cloud message
  • Hubspot CRM training base on staff needs

Is this right for me?

Whether you're just getting started in marketing or you're a seasoned professional, the Pinnacle onsite training will prepare you & your staff to better attract strangers, convert visitors, close leads and delight customers.

By improving your proficiency with the HubSpot will improve your inbound results. And you and your staff will learn how to create quality contextual content to give you the cutting edge of marketing.



# Please note addittional costs will be added for on-site travell outside the Brisbane and Gold Coast regions