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Crocodile Marketing is a HubSpot Partner that offers consultancy services in the fields of implementation and marketing automation support, as well as training for sales teams and organisations, set up of HubSpot, live chat and more. We provide support for all your digital marketing needs to help marketing and sales teams maximize results and productivity, as well as generate leads and convert them to paying clients. We provide onsite support for the Brisbane and Gold Coast regions. Free HubSpot Demo




On-Site Training

On-Site Training

Our Pinnacle Training is a specially designed and customer oriented training based on the HubSpot software suite for users who want a classroom type hands-on training experience onsite. Drawing from our team of certified trainers and implementation specialists, you get the chance to acquire practical guidance on the step-by-step process of properly configuring and implementing your campaigns.
HubSpot Technical Consulting

HubSpot Technical Consulting

Get the best out of your HubSpot Portal when you use one of our optimal technical consulting packages. Our technical consulting and integration packages have been designed in such a way that they allow us to manage the automation of your marketing and sales operations, freeing you up to focus on running and managing your organization with the attention it deserves. You can choose any one of the following packages available from our team.

HubSpot CRM On-Boarding and Training

Our CRM On-Boarding and Training program puts you in the pilot’s corner where you can make strategic decisions with regards to the direction of the organization while we take all the manual responsibilities of your hand.
HubSpot Virtual Assistant

HubSpot Virtual Assistant

We help managers hard pressed for time with managing their HubSpot portals efficiently. Don't let your inbound marketing suffer for lack of time and resources. Talk To Us

hubspot software Portal Set Up

Portal Set Up

Now that you have gotten yourself a HubSpot subscription, we know you can’t wait to start using the software to execute your Inbound Marketing Strategy. But you will have to set up your HubSpot portal in order to be able to get it done and that’s where we come in. Our team of affordable and certified partners are ready to help you with your onboarding


Join the Community

You can join the HubSpot community by: 

  • Using the Brisbane HUG (HubSpot User Group) website where free resources such as webinars, whitepapers, eBooks, marketing tools, videos, communities, blog articles, studies and reports provided for the benefit of the members.
  • Joining the Brisbane HUG meetup to meet and network with other people to share and learn about inbound marketing and exchange ideas about current trends in businesses and sales.
  • Getting access to the Brisbane HUG on LinkedIn. Follow discussions, read articles and build networks with some of the top-selling performers in your industry

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