Queensland's Startup Landscape

What Does Queensland's Current Startup Landscape Look Like and what is Available to Me?

Did you know that Queensland has more than 200 (and counting) coworking spaces, incubators, VCs, accelerator programs, angel investor firms and other startup services?

This ecosystem has become home to many startups program and currently boasts numerous global startup successes and industry firsts.


Image of Queensland Startup work space

With the aim of facilitating the growth and development of local startups, this ecosystem is playing an integral role in the trajectory of the startup landscape. 

Where Can I Find Startup Resources in My Area?

Right here! Below we have specialised startup resources for various locations across Queensland. 

While this ecosystem intends on nurturing Queensland startups, like yours, there are additional inbound services that your startup could greatly benefit from. This is where HubSpot comes in.

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What is HubSpot for Startups?

HubSpot is a specialist inbound marketing, sales and services platform that can help your startup not only optimise growth, but refine business processes and maximise efficiency across all aspects of your startup. 

With over 2,000 global partnerships with incubators, VCs and accelerators, HubSpot currently helps more than 8,000 startups to accelerate their growth.

By providing business tools such as sales and marketing systems, CRM tools, training and additional resources, HubSpot equips startups with cutting-edge technology and services to streamline business processes and encourage long-term growth prosperity. 

What are the benefits of Hubspot for Startups?

HubSpot software for Startups' service packages are designed to facilitate the growth of your startup with speed, scalability and affordability.

From day 1, these packages can provide your startup with tools, strategies and support through educational resources and tailored training, to integrated and professional software and platforms.

These services will not only assist you in optimising growth across all business channels, but will also improve the effectiveness of customer acquisition and customer retention strategies. With various Queensland based HubSpot partners, HubSpot enables your startup the convenience of accessible support and services.

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As a HubSpot partner, Crocodile Marketing provides consultancy services in the fields of implementation and marketing automation support and also offers assistance with setting up HubSpot, on-site training for startup teams, CRM on-boarding and training, virtual assistant services and more.

HubSpot also understands that no startup is the same structurally or financially, so HubSpot has devised various packages for startups so that you can find one that best aligns with your startup needs.

What does HubSpot for Startups Offer?

There are 3 awesome HubSpot for Startups packages available to you:

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales and CRM
  3. Growth Suite Bundle (most popular option)

HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing automation software entails everything you need to start inbound marketing and generate new leads and sales fast.

The program is designed to deliver various benefits including attracting more targeted traffic to your pages, converting more visitors into qualified leads, accumulating more deals with less work and delighting customers to maximise value.

picture of entrepreneur using hubspot for startups

HubSpot’s Sales and CRM package on the other hand, comprises of time-saving tools so that you can sell more and with less work.

This program offers multiple benefits including the ability to discover more new leads in less time, getting emails opened and calls answered, landing more meetings and closing more deals, and enabling a focus on the right deals so that you can achieve your goals.

HubSpot’s final program, and most popular, The Growth Suite Bundle, includes marketing, sales, and customer service software at your fingertips.

This program is designed to be thorough, and allows startups access to contacts, customer data, dashboards and reports all in one place, enables tracking of entire marketing and sales funnels, optimised lead handoffs, and provides a personalised approach at every stage.

Which Package is Right for my Startup?

Deciding which package is right for your startup all depends on the current services and resources that your startup requires.

picture of finding the right puzzle piecesHubspot understands how the state of your startup can drastically change over time and so Hubspot is designed to be flexible. Even if you decide that one package is best suited to your startup currently, you can always switch to another package that is better tailored to your needs at a later stage.

What Additional Resources are available to me?

Many of HubSpot’s programs will provide extra benefits to startups along the way. A few of these benefits include AWS, Stripe Credits, and startup-friendly pricing on many of HubSpot’s integrations.

As a HubSpot partner, Crocodile Marketing can also provide you with assistance when choosing which package is best suited to your startup, and is here to help you throughout your journey with HubSpot.

Hubspot for Startups Terms

What are the Payment Terms of HubSpot for Startups and what is the Duration of Contracts?

In order to be eligible for HubSpot for Startups discounts, you need to be associated with a HubSpot partner, like Crocodile Marketing.

In terms of costs, HubSpot for Startups has different package costs depending on your level of funding (Seed-stage or Series A), the marketing product tier, sales product tier and service product tier that you require (Starter, Basic, Professional and Enterprise), and the number of seats that you require.

Shaking hands over a hubspot for startups deal

HubSpot startup program pricing is

  • If you are a startup with under $2 million in funding, you are eligible for up to 90% off HubSpot software in your first year, 50% off in your second year, and 25% off ongoing.
  • Or, if you are a startup that has raised over $2 million in named funding up to and including Series A, you are eligible for up to 50% off in your first year, followed by 25% off ongoing.

As for payment terms, HubSpot for Startup contracts have an annual duration and payments are made monthly.

How Can I get Started with HubSpot for Startups?

If you like what you’ve read and you’re interested in learning more about HubSpot for Startups or perhaps even looking at getting HubSpot for Startups, the best place to start is by getting in contact with a Queensland based HubSpot partner.

As a HubSpot partner for Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Crocodile Marketing can answer any queries you may have and can get your startup hooked up with HubSpot, hassle free.

We can also provide you with additional support and services to ensure that you’re getting the most out of HubSpot for Startups.

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Other Valuable Resources

Are There Other Resources in Queensland's Startup Ecosystem that Can Assist My Startup?

There sure are! Queensland’s startup ecosystem is bursting with services and resources which provide assistance to startups of all kinds.

Among these are coworking spaces, incubators, VCs, accelerator programs, angel investment firms and many other startup services and networks. You may be familiar with some of them already.

Regardless, we have all of the information you need to effectively navigate your way through Queensland's startup ecosystem.

Coworking Spaces

What are Coworking Spaces and what Can They Offer My Startup?

Coworking spaces can offer your startup shared office working space arrangements. These coworking spaces not only offer affordable rent in most cases, but also have the added convenience of office resources that are essential to business process.

photo of coworking space

The beautiful part about coworking spaces is that no two are the same. Coworking spaces comprise of different tiers and of spaces, from shared spaces, to high-end private offices, boardrooms, meeting rooms, event spaces, social hubs, and even virtual services.

You will also find that each and every coworking space will have their own style and niche so that you can choose one that’s right for your startup. 


What is an Incubator and How Could One Help My Startup?

Incubators have been designed to assist you in achieving business growth and momentum. Through offering business resources and services, mentoring, training and programs, incubators will equip you with all you need in order to see through the vision of your startup.

image of startup business incubatorFrom nurturing ideas at the concept and design stage, to assembly, production, testing and eventually distribution, incubators will assist your startup each step of the way.

You can also rest assured that your startup is being nurtured within a motivated and constructive environment with a supportive community that is connected to a vast business network.


What are Accelerators & Pre-Accelerators and what Could They Offer My Startup?

Accelerators (and pre-accelerators) are similar to incubators in that they can assist your startup in achieving maximised growth. However, they entail a fixed-term program that is designed to accelerate growth in the short-term – typically across a 3-month period.

These accelerators will provide you with highly thorough and focused support to encourage fast and effective startup scalability.

These programs understand that you have clear long-term goals so they will enable your startup to take the vital steps in getting there.  

Venture Capital Firms & Advisory Services

What are Venture Capital (VC) Firms & Advisory Services and How Can They Help My Startup?

VC firms are designed to provide your startup with the financial funding to turn visions into a reality.

VC firms will strive to connect your startups and investors, and to implement specialised approaches where they can apply their experience and expertise to support and grow your startup.

Image of venture capital firm investors

These services can also provide your startup with the financial pointers and advice you need in order to make crucial business decisions.

With the help of these services, your startup can receive the financial support and advice needed to encourage smooth finance operations.

Angel Investors

What is an Angel Investor and How Can an Angel Investor Help My Startup Financially?

Angel investors are individuals interested in providing startups like yours with the financial backing they require. However, unlike VC firms, angel investors tend to have a greater motivations in mind beyond just financial gain.

Image of environmentally conscious angel investor

Angel investors often invest in startups and other business projects with social and community awareness in mind. They are concerned with positively impacting your startup and the wider community with each investment they make.

Entrepreneurship Programs

What Do Entrepreneurship Programs Entail and How Could One Benefit My Startup?

Queensland's startup ecosystem currently boasts a range of entrepreneurship programs designed to empower entrepreneurs like you through specialised services, mentoring and opportunities.

The fantastic thing about these programs is that they collectively encompass an eclectic range of program focuses.

From mental and practical focuses in the office to more physical and demanding challenges in the great outdoors, these programs ensure that there is one suitable for you.

Other Startup Resources

What Other Startup Resources Should I Be Aware Of?

In addition to the range of services discussed, there are many more Queensland resources that could greatly benefit your startup.

There are various business support and consultancy services available as well as a diverse range of entrepreneurial communities, networks and hubs.

Queensland is also home to numerous shared resource and research centres and innovation hubs, whose services can accommodate your startup needs.

It is also valuable to keep in mind the many business events and conventions that take place every year and the media organisations that accompany these events. 

Startup Assistance

If I Need Any Assistance Navigating Queensland's Startup Ecosystem Along the Way, Who Can I Contact?

At Crocodile Marketing we are here to assist you as you venture the startup landscape. No matter your needs, we can help guide you.

As a HubSpot partner for Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Crocodile Marketing can answer any queries you may have and can get your startup hooked up with HubSpot, hassle free.

We can also provide you with additional support to ensure that you’re getting the most out of HubSpot for Startups.


Good luck!