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 I am very grateful for this group. Without fail every meet up is valuable! The members are extremely informative, willing to share their experiences and keen to share their ideas. I always enjoy attending and my experience with this welcoming group has completely widened my outlook on marketing and general business. 10/10 would recommend! 

Kayla - Business Development Executive

We believe markeitng should simple and fun. That is why we sponsor and organise marketing training and network events with Marketing For Business Owner (Gold Coast) and the Brisbane HubSpot User Group

Join the Brisbane Marketing Meetup 

HubSpot User Gorup and Inbound Marketing Brisbane

For anyone and everyone who's interested in learning great tips and best practices about inbound marketing and HubSpot software. You don't need to be a HubSpot customer to attend a HUG meetup.

• Are you always trying to generate better and more cost-effective leads?  

• When was the last time you were truly happy with your marketing ROI? 

• Are you sure you're not over or underspending on your digital efforts? 

• How on Earth do you target the right prospects?

If any of these questions made you think about your state of your current inbound marketing and digital marketing efforts then this is the perfect meetup for you!

Inbound Marketing Brisbane features Keynotes, Workshops, Discussions, Resources, and Events aimed at challenging and inspiring marketers to be the best they can be. The meetup hosts Inbound Marketing experts, covering topics such as SEO & Local SEO, Social Media, UX, Design, Graphic Design, PPC, CRO, CRM, Content Marketing, and more.

Join Brisbane Group Here  

 Attended the Meet Up this morning 3rdMar for the second time. What a focused group of business people sharing tips and tricks to improve each others business. Highly recommend joining for an early positive start to your day. 

Ron Pia @DogTalksPodcast

Join the Gold Coast Marketing Meetup

Marketing for Business Owner Meetup (Gold Coast)

Marketing for business owners is a supportive community group consisting of very driven and successful people. Are you an business owner, entrepreneur, marketer, consultant, salesperson, business leader or startup business?

We get together a weekly and share cutting-edge ideas, and create winning marketing strategies that get more leads and sales. We gain specialized knowledge whilst encouraging, sharing and inspiring each other grow our sales and profits. And have a lot fun along the way.

People in our group are ...

  • successfully and inspiring
  • looking for new opportunities and networking
  • looking to grow and expand their businesses
  • wanting to grow and their network and meet like mind people

Marketing for Business Owners is a group where we can contribute ideas, knowledge and wisdom to help the group members get more leads and sales, increase profits and make a different.

Come and join us at our next MeetUp and share what you do!

 Join Us Here - It is a great way to start your day and it may even change your business. 


B2B lead generation

More reviews 

 The atmosphere is really good. An informal way of gaining insight into what looks to be a whole range of topics. Looking forward to the next one. Thank you very much David. L :) 


" A little excited and could not wait to tell you tomorrow,  just wanted to tell you since the new web page has gone up we have had three requests come through in one day awesome that has not been the case in the past. " 

Karen Skewes Le Beau Day Spa

" Very valuable education and discussion group for small business people particular in the ‘social media’ space, David McMahon is a top organiser who shares freely his vast industry knowledge in these areas 

Marc Kratochvil

 Great to talk to others to see where marketing is going. Like minded people who can see where the future is heading and it is not so much about selling, but helping and winning the respect of the buyers before they buy. 

Barry Osborne

" I am very excited about working with you in the future. I am kicking myself I did not find you earlier. "

James Gill 1300 Rubbish

" Daivd has transformed our business and our lives... $180,000 we made extra in our first campaign... our second capaign is still running and sales to date are $143,000..."

Jeff Muir Integrity & Values

 Really good way to meet new business like minded people that share the passion and fire needed to succeed in today's market. Fantastic wealth of knowledge from the contributors and professionals at this group who are more than willing to share and help everyone. 

Rodney Armstrong

 Great people with a lot of knowledge in the area of marketing 

Olivia Shaw

" The information you have a give out is very professional... We are only new at this technology but are looking forward to advance our marketing methods. It's fantastic and great value to have a person like yourself in the platinum group. "

Victor Little DEPS

OMG... I just had to email you.. I was just speaking with one of my 'A' clients and was talking about Personal Protective Equipment and they have asked my (reps) to comes once a week to restock their store. This is a HUGH $$$ opportunity! I can't believe this is all happening to me just taking your advice and ringing my A clients and having the balls to ask them. Thank you!

Luana Sapolu Accidental Health & Safety - Mt Isa

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