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Successful Businesses Post Less on Social Media, But Make More Sales

July 18, 2017
David McMahon

David McMahon

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Why do successful businesses post less on social media and still make more money?

Well, it's an interesting one. I find myself looking around, there are so many marketing strategies that you can do. And for me, it's become very overwhelming as times. I felt is time to highlight how you can look and seek inspiration from other marketing strategies, ideas and work out what is right for you.

Successful Businesses

It comes down to concept of what why successful people don't seem to be doing a lot of work and yet they're still making way more money than everyone else. But first I'd like to frame is;

What is a brand or a business look like?

When you start to break it down, a brand means nothing. It is not physical. It's not tangible. In truth, it’s the relationship between the business and the customer. And that's becomes very complex because a brand is not just one thing that you can see.

  • It’s the images.
  • It’s the feelings.
  • It’s the voice.
  • It's how you interact.

It comes back to that concept of the relationship.

Social Media

A really cool book that I've read and highly recommend anyone to read is the book by Simon Sinek, Start with Why. In the book, he talks about how a business and the brand is an amplification of the internal body and voice of that culture. And it all starts with the founder's vision, which over time they build up and come together as a larger organization to become that megaphone for that brand.


5 reasons why successful business post less on social media 


#1 They don't need other people's approval.

You know, they are successful at what they do and they're more profitable. And internally, they know that. The staff knows that. The founders know that. And they don't have to do a lot of work.

Successful Businesses

#2 When you're profitable

You actually spend less money on advertising. We'll sort of explain that further. But just remember, that when you are successful, you will end up spending less money on advertising.

#3 No negative marketing or manipulative marketing

I have found with brands and businesses that don't post a lot, it seems that they know where they're going. It doesn't make any sense for them to get caught up in negative marketing or manipulative marketing that annoys people or tries to manipulate their customers. Simply because they know what they're doing and they are delivering the core product that helps their customers. And their customers know that.

They don't need to get out there promote more and do more to be seen.

#4 they don't need to seek validation from their customers

Make More Sales

I do find companies that do marketing really well, is they don't need to seek validation from their customers. They don't need to be number one. They just know they are. So, they don't need to show it.

When you're profitable and you're ticking your own goals, there's no need to show off, or make claims, or trying to do funny research that says that your number one because you did a survey. You don't need that validation from others. A really cool way to look at that is to think of the companies that you know to be successful and have a look at their advertising and their marketing strategy and you'll see that they don't really spend a lot of energy trying to say that they're the best.

Brands that come to mind, are companies like Ikea, Google, Apple, are just a few of the really successful business that when you really break it down, they're not really spending a lot of money on advertising as to what they could compared to other companies that are out there.

#5 Don't really need to prove anything to others.

Comes back to the old saying, they lead and their actions speak louder than their words. At the core of it internally their staff and their voice, that brand voice, knows where they're going and, more importantly, they're acting as one. And they're just getting on with the job.

Quite often I see in these companies failure is not sort of seen as a bad thing. Failure in these companies is seen as a learning opportunity for them. There is no punishment for failure, because we all fail at time and really failure is not about punishing ourselves for is an opportunity to learn.

There are so many things, so many amazing ways to communicate, build a brand and build a relationship with our customers, just spend a little time to understand what's right for you and your organization. 

Okay guys, if you have any questions, leave a comment below.


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