Why is inbound marketing good for business?

December 1, 2015
David McMahon

David McMahon

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When your eyes are open to the inner thoughts of the customer, everywhere you look are examples of inbound marketing. As I sit here writing this, with coffee in hand and watching the rain fall overhead, I see people searching for a dry place to escape the cold, wet falling rain.

Just ask, what is attracting the people to the dry places? What are they seeing, what are they looking for... to find that dry place to escape the rain.

With no effort I'm sitting here dry with coffee in hand writing this article and people are running toward me. They are seeing what I have and they are wanting it? That is inbound marketing!

Why inbound is good for business


By definition "inbound" is used to describe the action of a customer searching to a solution for their need or want.

The core principle of business is to help other people for profit. The equation is to help the customer while providing a profit to the investors or owners of the business.

Inbound Marketing for a business is about attracting customers with less effort and at an affordable price.  


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Do you have an example of inbound marketing? Share your story here and help a fellow marketer.


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