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What is Hubspot CRM?

Written by David McMahon | 13 Dec 2016 // 11:04 PM

HubSpot CRM lets you keep all of your contacts in one shareable, adaptable, searchable database. We classify HubSpot CRM as a lighter-weight CRM tool that offers some really cool features which enhance the power for most businesses.

While other CRM systems are made up of dozens of tools and complicated features to learn and customize, HubSpot CRM is designed to get your team started quickly and keep them focused on selling without changing the way they already do thin


What is HubSpot CRM?

HubSpot CRM is an easy-to-use sales application that arms your sales team with the information and the tools needed for today's modern sales process. HubSpot CRM is automatically integrated with HubSpot's suite of marketing tools and requires no additional setup.

Watch the video below to get an overview of HubSpot CRM.


 Look inside HubSpot CRM - (Video)


Video Transcritpion:

Okay, so now we are sitting in HubSpot CRM. You see that we have the sales dashboard. Now, in this test set-up we are going to run you through just some of the basic features that are available in HubSpot CRM.

So, on the dashboard, we can see the total number of sales that are currently in progress in the pipeline down through to measuring the productivity of the sales team, number of calls placed, emails sent, meetings held, and tasks completed. And, of course, we can get right down into the basics of measuring the pipeline.


This is looking at how the contacts have been assigned, contacts are currently being contacted and sales created. And, of course, the most important part, if a deal has been won. Going across the top, we are going to look at contacts. This is where all of your customer's details are stored in a very simple view. Allowing people to be able to quickly search for any contact that they are needing to follow-up with and contact with as far as any potential sales and tasks.


Moving to the next level is our company tab. This allows us to gather and attach people to company names. Here we can modify, print, and search for the different companies that our customers are attached to. Let me get to the next part being the deal process.

Now, this is when we can track the deals themselves. This is where we can start to keep track of the salesperson's progress as they are looking at future opportunities in dealing with customer follow-up, sending emails, or even making phone calls.


Of course, into that is the tasks. We can view our tasks that have been assigned to the salesperson. We have the view here of day-at-a-glance where we can move that to our board and we can simply move tasks from the different levels and the different progresses. When ready, we can move them to complete. We can go with a simple tabular form for those who simply prefer a simple list based view.

Moving into the sales tools, now this is HubSpots Sales parameters. Now, under the HubSpot's free version, you do have access to limited functionality in this area. To unlock the full benefit of these tools, you will need to purchase the HubSpot Sales Professional level, which starts at about $50USD per person per month. Then more importantly is all of the settings. We will dive into in other videos, how these settings can be used to benefit your business.


So, it brings us to the end of the overview. Any questions, please don't hesitate to take to contact us, where if you would like to arrange your free demonstration, or you would like for us to help you set it up, please contact us.



Why is HubSpot CRM Free?

HubSpot is an international company, so it would be very bad if they would just build free products without a reason. In case of HubSpot CRM, it's a part of a good inbound marketing campaign to provide a free tool to attract and build leads. You can start with a basic free version, but then have the opportunity to turn on the premium HubSpot Sales features that go above and beyond what a CRM usually does to help you supercharge your inbound sales process.

Best of all, you can enjoy up to 1,000,000 contacts, users, and storage without any expiration date – whether you're a team of 1 or 1,000.



What is HubSpot Sales Pro and do I need it?

The answer is no, but when you access the HubSpot Sales productivity tools that sync up with your inbox and make every part of selling easier. The HubSpot Sales includes the following features;

  • Send Personalized Sequences - Queue up a series of emails and deliver them to a prospect on a schedule you set.
  • Create and Measure Email Templates - Turn repetitive emails into templates you can send in seconds. Then track performance and share the best ones with your team.
  • Get Real-Time Notifications - Know the instant a prospect opens an email or downloads an attachment so you can follow up when you’re top-of-mind.
  • Enrich Contact Records Automatically - Get insights your sales team will actually use by automatically populating contact records with details from our database of over 20 million businesses.
  • Place Calls From Inside the CRM - Call with a click and choose whether or not to record the conversation. A log is automatically saved on your contact’s timeline.
  • Book More Meetings - Set your availability and get a shareable link that syncs with your calendar and lets leads pick a time that works for everyone.



What is different between HubSpot CRM and HubSpot Sales? 

HubSpot CRM is Free and HubSpot Sales costs $50 (US) per person / per month.

  • With HubSpot CRM Free Accounts you get;
    HubSpot CRM
  • Email scheduling (if using HubSpot Sales with Google Apps)
  • Email open notifications
  • Unlimited real-time email open notifications
  • Email tracking history up to 200 notifications per month in your Activity Stream
  • Create up to 5 email Templates
  • Upload up to 5 Documents
  • 15 minutes of Calling
  • The account will remain free forever, unless you decide to upgrade

With HubSpot Sales Professional (cost $50 per user / per month)

  • HubSpot CRM
  • Email scheduling (if using HubSpot Sales with Google Apps)
  • Email open & click notifications
  • Receive unlimited real-time notifications and email tracking history
  • Prospects: Access to the companies who are visiting your website
  • Email Templates: 1,000/user/month
  • Calling: 2,000+ minutes of voice over IP calling from your phone or browser
  • Document tracking: 1,000/user/month
  • Sequences: 1,000/user/month
  • Meetings: allows your recipients to easily access your calendar to book time with you


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