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Top Video Creation Tools For Entrepreneurs

October 15, 2019
David McMahon

David McMahon

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Video creation is a viable means of creating and communicating a clear message to your target audience. Video creation has two significant costs – patching the raw image and editing. For patching, you need best-in-class technology, good cameras, and excellent locations. Editing, on the other hand, requires taking the raw contents and piecing it together to tell an amazing story. In this piece, we will be looking at how an entrepreneur can come up with a dream video that gets a message out there through the use of excellent marketing tools that keep the cost down while delivering an excellent job.

What makes a good video?

A good video is one that depicts an unambiguous message by combining imagery, words, and music. Music comes handy in building emotions, while imagery carries the message that makes an emotional connection, which is all about building the relationship with your customer or with the viewer. Facebook and YouTube are prominent platforms to get your video across to your audience. These platforms are powerful considering their algorithms, which prioritizes some videos over others.

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Several videos are going on YouTube and Facebook daily due to the millions of users reachable through these platforms. Hence, if you want to be relevant on these platforms, you must be ready to perfect your video creation process, with special emphasis on patching and editing. Making a video from scratch can be quite demanding and costly, and this is why most video marketers resort to third-party contents. While this appears to be an easy way out, it is important to note that every country around the globe has different copyright levels. And most copyright laws in most countries allow you reference snippets of an entire content if you use them in your works. This is why these references are more common on YouTube – usually three or four seconds into the videos.

These copyright laws have got stricter with the EU copyright reforms, which will frown at the likes of Facebook and YouTube if they breach or they allow people to breach the copyright laws. Nevertheless, to be on the safe side, you must double check your videos to ensure that you are not breaching any copyright laws. Ensure that you have a valid license to use any third party content if you would be using any. Now, let us look at one or two sources of legal third-party contents.

Sources of Legal Third Party Contents

The first is called the – a website or an online community where they promote and help you identify licensed contents you can use for free without infringing copyright laws. On this website, content creators offer certain snippets of their videos, and they allow people to use it with that creative common creative element. You can find up to four million video clips, and the database is continuously growing by the day. When you use contents from this source, you must give credit to the creator, and that's just a natural element, usually by putting a link into the comments of your video.

The second source is Shutterstock offers a lot of clips for almost free in the bid to help content creators earn from their works. This is a growing trend at the moment, with a couple of websites allowing content creators to create contents and make some money or royalties through them. Fortunately, Shutterstock does not charge too much.

Creating Promotional Videos

You can only explain your products and services clearly enough through promotional videos. Creating one from scratch can be challenging, but you can use third-party contents to make your job easier. You can source for third-party contents for this purpose from a couple of websites. The first is, and the second, With a valid monthly subscription on these websites (which usually costs a fee), you can access millions of stock of promotional, high-quality promotional videos with actors in different sort of layouts, which you can combine while inserting your story and soundtrack. In the end, you can have a great and personalized two-minute promotional video. This eliminates the need for a sound room and digital equipment to create these videos and ultimately lower costs.

As an entrepreneur or marketing professional, creating your videos and doing the edits can be time-consuming if you are handling it on your own. From researching and coming up with contents, to shooting, recording, and editing, the process can be challenging. Likewise, there are other aspects of the business that needs attention, including the bills, bookkeeping, and wages, among others. Hence, it is important to make smart and profitable choices to balance all these processes. Which is better – hiring someone to work on the video or doing them yourself? This is a big challenge for businesses, especially newbies that need a lot of time to learn how to edit and do all those little tweaks.

If hiring someone is not a feasible option due to financial constraints, you can still handle video creation by yourself. However, while at it, you have to be time conscious. For best results, do not spend more than five hours on a single video in a week – this doesn’t include the time for researching on the contents. Thus, in five hours, you have to create the set, capture the clips, and then edit.

Professional Videos vs. Commercially-viable Videos

Coming up with a professional video will obviously take longer compared to a commercially-viable video. Considering that you still need to publish and promote the video, sticking to the commercially-viable video option is the smarter decision, rather than wasting time on chasing perfection. However, when you are financially buoyant to hire a video expert, you can consider doing the fancier work, and ultimately a professional video. These professional editors are good at using almost all the editing software and are faster with the process. Thus, this will save you a whole lot of time, while leaving you with more free time to focus on other aspects of the business.

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Now, where do you find these experts?

A perfect place to start looking is Upwork – a freelance platform running at On Upwork, you will find plenty of video editors that you can work with. A quick search will show you what the rough budget for a video of around 10 or 15 minutes long will be. In most cases, you may have to pay between $50 and $100 USD per video, and in the end, you get a fully-edited and ready-to-post video. That is the starting budget. However, you can rest assured of getting a competent video expert on this platform that will do an excellent job for you. You may have to try out two or three sellers on this platform until you find a good editor. Once you have one, keep them for the long term sake, so that you don’t have to be changing editors every time. You want to use the same team, considering that you are looking at creating regular contents. Consistency is key in video creation, and changing hands will not give you any of this.

Now, if you want to proceed to be your own video expert, one website you can check out is – a cloud-based video editing software. Many users have recommended the software as a good option for business owners looking to create promotional videos via DIY. There is a mobile phone editor on the software, which you can download as part of the plan. Thus, it is way easier to do things on the go – capture video, do simple edits and upload it all from your phone.

Your decision as an entrepreneur when it comes to video production depends on your preferences. In the case of DIY, it is important to know your preferred tools and preferably look at the best way to source for third-party content, because that will save you a lot of time, costs, and efforts. Feel free to share your thoughts or questions in the comments box.

Good luck!


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