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How to Use Google Search Console for Inbound Marketing

June 6, 2016
David McMahon

David McMahon

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How to Use GoogleA lot of web users especially those interested in inbound marketing are becoming fans of Google Search Console.
This handy tools has so many great features including a function called “search queries”. Over the years, this tool (was called Google Webmaster Tools) set has grown extensively and there are numerous ways to use this incredible tool to the advantage of your website.

There are three main ways to use Google Search Console:

    • Keyword Research - Google offers a lot of great keyword research tools but the Google Search Console will enable you to find out what keywords really matter for your actual site. The tool looks for low competition keywords ranking on the verge of the top 5 and to use them to get higher in the ranking via low level SEO marketing which gets a high return of investment. This is a great concept to use when you want important queries and high traffic keywords for your site.
    • Link Building - If you often wonder where your pages get their links from and where it is linked to, Google Search Console can help. Orphaned pages that have no connection to the main website can get inbound links and you can find out which sites have never gotten any significant traffic link to you. With Google Search Console you can also target high ranking sites to get even more links which can make your SEO marketing better. For example you can discover who links to you on Tumblr and then follow these users. While repeat links from the same user do not count as much as from new ones there is only a finite number of places in a given industry so there is no problem with getting links from the site again and again. Especially authority sites that link more than once to you, these can be a great asset.

Who should use Search Console?

Anyone with a website!

Business owner who delegates. You might hire your a marketing specialist to help you set up your website with SEO. In that case, you can work with that person to ensure you have access and monitor all of the reports for your website. In addition, it's a good idea to learn all you can about how your site so you can make important business decisions about your site.

Marketer. As someone focused on online marketing, you can use the information in SEO to influence technical decisions for the website including the other Google tools like Analytics and AdWords.

Over the years, Google has invested in making these high end tools available to make the lives of website owners, internet marketers and others a lot easier. Even we use to track the status of our clients websites and to ensure the linking functions are working to their best in their sites.

To get started just check out Google's Support page here or you can call us to get it setup for you.

What is Google Search Console. Why We Need in Inbound Marketing

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