The Guide for Website Conversion using Landing Pages

September 12, 2016
David McMahon

David McMahon

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With the advent of the internet and social media, consumers are no longer contacting companies directly. Consumers are now doing their own research online. There was a study conducted in the United States, it showed that 60% of customers are making their purchasing decisions without reaching out to sales representatives directly.

The Conversion Process

Website Conversion
Your webpage is your shop-front. On different pages, you are going to have different products in which people can browse and have a look at. That is what a landing page is designed to, sort of, call out to the person, to sort of say, “Hey. Have a look at this.” It all starts with a call-to-action. The landing page is just where we are going to make them an offer in return for them exchanging some information about themselves to you, such as, their name and email address in order to get access to that content that you might be offering them. Of course, once they click on the submit button, that takes them through to the Thank you page. The thank you page is where they can consume the content and allows us to have another conversation with them and maybe offer them a free consultation or a quote or an assessment. This is the process that person is going to logically go through using your website.

Conversion Rate Goals

Your goal is to get the conversion rate of your landing page to be 20%. What this means is; if 100 people were to visit your landing page, we want 20% or 20 different people to fill out the form and click the next process. That’s your primary goal when you are looking at developing your landing page. Your aim is a 20% or higher conversion rate. 



Landing Page Best Practices

  • A clear, action-oriented headline. That’s what we are looking at here. “Download our free guide. How to empower your employees through on-site travel.” We understand what it is and its actionable.
  • Moving in to explaining the offer. Here we are generally only talking about 1-3 sentences. It also good to use bullet points. Again, keep it clear and tight. The person is just wanting to get an understanding of what’s going on. We don’t have to use a lot of text to point this out. One of the best little techniques that can really help you with this is to use curiosity. We will break that down more in how and when we start to look at writing the words for your landing page.
  • Use numbers and bullets and bold. It helps the reader scan for the important information.
  • Remove the navigation. The whole purpose of the landing page is to generate leads. We want to get rid of any distractions.
  • The form that the person fills out needs to mirror the value that’s on offer. Always include an image that helps sell the message. There are two types of people that will land on your pages. There are the readers. These people will read every word printed on your page. Then there are the visuals. These are the people who will look at your images and only glance at the words. In order to have a good landing page, you will want to have a landing page that meets both of these.

Website Conversion

Videos and Social Media Icons

If this is your first time going through landing pages, I recommend that you don’t worry about doing videos or adding social media icons for your first 2 or 3 landing pages. Simply because you can get caught up in writing scripts and creating the videos and it may not add much value to your landing page.

Social sharing icons allow your visitors to spread the word to others in their networks such as friends and family and associates. This is just a very simple way for people to be able to share this page on their social media network. If you are fairly new to this, leave this until you’ve got your third or fourth or fifth landing page working. It does require technical work to get moving.

For more information about how to turn your landing page into your digital sales person, check out Crocodile Marketing Landing Page online here.

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