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I feel like the whole of Australia is on Holidays!

January in the Australian is often the quite time for most businesses. It is time when most people take holidays with family and recover from Christmas. So like most people, I'm on holidays too.

But I do take time during January to plan and map out my business goals and catch up on the industry trends like SEO that I going to share with you here.

The 5 SEO MUST Dos For 2017

Keep in mind that Keyword searches have long been the backbone of SEO and search engine optimisations. Technology is changing so fast that it is difficult to keep up. Search engines now have new algorithms that no longer use just keywords. Users and search engines alike are looking for content and answers to questions. There are some things that you can do with your business in order to keep up with the trends in SEO.

1. Unique Content

Content and keywords are the most important elements to improving your SEO rankings. Taking content from other sources and rewriting them in your own words is better than copying content from other websites or blogs. Keywords have been the backbone of SEO in the past, but as we move forward content has become the driving force behind search engine rankings. Users are now looking for content that is engaging and on point for the information that they were looking for. Writing for your audience rather than the search engines will increase your ratings much faster.

2. Consider Your LocationGoogle Voice

Using keywords that target your location can have a great impact on your SEO. Most customers are not looking to travel the world in order to find what they are looking for. If you are a small business, consider using keywords that target your neighbourhood and the surrounding areas. This can improve your SEO rankings when a customer is looking for your services in their area.

3. Mobile Searches

Mobile devices cannot be ignored. People have the world at their fingertips. Businesses have to work with mobile devices in order to keep their SEO moving forward. People are moving away from their desktops and using their smartphones more and more. Your potential clients are looking for you on their phones. Your website has to keep up. Since everyone is starting to use mobile devices more, Google and other search engines are changing their algorithms to include mobile content.

4. Voice Searches

With new ways of searching the web, you not only need to be aware of what your users are typing but also what they are saying. With apps like Siri and OK Google, as well as devices like the Amazon Echo, users can now ask for what they are looking for without touching a keyboard. People often speak differently than they type. You can improve your SEO and your websites visibility by finding ways to answer their questions in a more organic way.

5. Answering Questions

People use search engines to find the answers to their questions. The more questions that your content answers, the higher visibility your website will have. When you are writing your content for your website and you are including specialised terms, be sure to define them as well. If you are including people, make sure that you include what they do. Also, be sure to include specific places in your content. The more specific you are with your content, the more likely your website will be seen.

SEO is changing rapidly as we gain more specialised and faster technologies. Search engines are working to relate the best content for your user's needs. Businesses need to work to optimise their SEO or they will be left off of page one. If you have any stories to share your SEO success, please leave a comment below.

So it is back to holidays for me and may your 2017 be profitable and rewarding for you.

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