Should You Use Snapchat In Your Inbound Marketing and How To Get Started

August 16, 2017
David McMahon

David McMahon

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I'm in the park today writing this blog, I wanted to speak with you about the 8 hidden Snapchat hacks for inbound marketing that you can use to get started.

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Now, in the essence, I'm going to start with


What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is no different than all of the other social media tools out there, with the slant on being more of an instant message type tool. You can upload pictures. You can upload your videos. You can send them to your friends.

The difference is that your friends only gets 10 seconds to view it. Once they've seen it, it disappears forever. And that's what makes it a really cool platform. They claim to have 150 million, that's a hell of a lot of people, using the app every day. And some stats suggest that people are watching around about 10 billion videos or snaps, as they call them, per day on Snapchat.

So, as a business owner, we have to ask ourselves, that's a hell of a lot of people and is this something that you should be using in your inbound marketing strategy?

It all starts with is your buyer? What is your buyer persona? And if that fits the younger generation, well then, yes, you should be using it.

But probably, for those that are not sure whether I wanted to run you through some of the basics and the hacks to help you get started. The first thing that we need to understand is the terminology. Here are main terms for snapchat newbies

  • A Snapchatter is someone who uses Snapchat. Fair enough.
  • A Snap is a post. It’s a photo. It’s a video. So, that's a Snap.
  • A Snap Back is when you reply to the Snap. Makes sense.
  • A Story is your story is a series of videos that you might put together and you post on as your story, very similar to what Facebook is now doing. Now, just keep in mind, your story only stays live to the public, or to your friends for 24 hours.
  • A Snapchat Score is an algorithm that's a combination of how many Snaps you post, how many Snapbacks you do, how many posts you do per day over time, videos, stories and that calculates your score and sits on your profile. If you want to be taken as a serious Snapchatter, well then, you need to have a decent score. Keep that in mind, as you start to build up your profile.
  • A Snapcode - think of this as a barcode, a little icon that sits on your profile which people can take a picture or they can Snap it and it will find you much faster. It’s a very quick and easy way for people to connect with you and for you to promote your profile.
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How does Snapchat fit into all of the other social media platforms?

One of the thing I want you to be conscious of is in technology, as humans, we have this thing we like to do with our friends that I call is "catching up". For example

  • Baby Boomer age group catch up with friends by sitting down and chat bring people up-to-date on what's been happening in their lives, their families and their kids. Generally a face-to-face gathering and it goes around the room because that's how Baby Boomer's do it.
Snapchat Inbound Marketing


  • X-Gen is the generation born in the revolution of TV. They don't know the world without a TV.
  • Y-Gens is generation born in the revolution of the Internet they don't know the world without the internet.
  • Millenniums is generation born in the revolution of Smartphones, they don't know a world without mobile phones and smartphones.

You can start see there's been a technology shift and how people expect and able to do things is different across the generations. Teenagers, younger people still want to do "catch-up" and technology allows them to do "catch-up" differently and instantly. Simple message like "I'm at the movies" - they have caught up. And that's the power of Snapchat.

It’s a really amazing bond and its I find it really cool to see how they use technology in a way to build and stay connected with their friends.


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The eight Snapchat hacks that you need to know to get started

  • When you set up your profile, make sure that you set your permissions (and more importantly on your story) so that everybody can view your story. That's the first thing.
  • Do videos. When you do a video, make sure that you add filters and there's emojis (emotional icons that you can use). The most important part is, don't get caught up in making it perfect because it's not going be stored long-term. That is whole point and nature of Snapchat. Snapchat is about being in the now and it's about you showing the real you. Not that fake - polished look that we typically see on TV talk shows.
  • When you do your snaps (ie your videos), always make sure that you add a tag or text to your Snap. The reason being is you want to tap into all of the different types of communication styles. Remember there are large groups of people that love imagery, that loves auditory and just love to read. So create your Snaps and make sure that you hit all three.
  • Create a story. Using stories allows you to build a couple of videos together which tells the story of your day or what's happening. It could be behind the scenes at an event that you're running or going to.
A pro tip Snapchat makes it easy to use on use slow motion or speed up the video to help tell the story. For example use speed up to show people entering the event and allow that fast movement to tell the story that you're at the event on your Snap.
  • Advertising. If you're going to jump into Snapchat from a business point-of-view, you need to be seen. Its going to cost you dollars. So, jump on board with Snapchat advertising platform. Remember to be different, understand the user experience and what they want. A successfully method is using this to building the anticipation for an event. Each Snap that you produce is sharing a little segment of that event, building up as you tell each little story, a little fact, a little behind-the-scenes all help to build anticipation to the big event.
  • What do you guys do. Behind the scenes stories, like what do you do in the company. I like humor, people like to be entertained, create a little bit of a funny, humor, take mickey out of yourself, out of other brands, out of other products, etc. And always remember to do it in good taste :)
  • How To Get StartedWatch Snapchat Influencers for Inspiration. Your Snaps are like a "catch-up" in the now. When following good influencers on Snapchat, you'll typically find there's a sequence throughout the day that they follow. In the morning when they get up / start work (known as a check-in Snap) where they're just saying, hey, welcome guys. I'm in the office. Or, I'm out at the park. It's like checking in with your friends and your followers and to say hey. Then throughout the day, they might show different elements of what they are doing behind-the-scenes. Then, of course, giving some information to followers their "thought for the day".
  • Build your own voice. Snapchat is about you connecting in the now with your friends and followers. You have to be very mindful about what it is that you're do and what you are actually wanting to say. What's the purpose of people following you? A lot of business owners will miss this point and its important to understand what being an influencer and influence marketing is all about. It's about being authentic, about being yourself and being happy about being you. If this is not clear to you, find a good consultant to help you and develop the personal brand for you and your business.

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