Seven Ways to Write Quality Comments for Inbound Marketing

October 19, 2017
David McMahon

David McMahon

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Seven Ways to Write

Blog commenting isn't new to you.  Every time you read about building human relationships with fellow bloggers, commenting comes in at first place.


But how would you woo the blogger with your comments?

What's your way of writing a quality comment at different blogs?

People tell you how to write more and more comments but no one tells you how. In this blog, we're going to talk about seven points that you should do when considering to write a comment to a blog article that you just read. 

Before we start, I want to really focus on; why are you doing it? There are many reasons why you're going to write a comment.


Let's take an example from before the internet. When you wanted to be noticed, the only way that you could communicate to a wider audience was typically through a newspaper. That's where you would see in the newspaper there were opinion pieces.

Opinion articles were where people would write on a particular topic from their point-of-view and their opinion. That's what we would class as a blog today. Now, in order for you to leave a response to that article, you would have to write a letter to the editor of the newspaper.

That's where your comments would be reported. Given that we now live in the digital age, writing a blog and commenting on that blog can happen in real time and often happens within hours of the blog article being published.


 Quality Comments

The primary objective when writing a comment is to really make a connection with the author of that blog, to build a relationship, to start a conversation with them, and the possibility to maybe do a joint venture, or cross promotions, or maybe even have that person promote you and your business to their audiences. It could even be a simple case of you wanting to do business with the author. 

When you get started, there are some tips:

1. When you start the blog comment, use the author's name. Start with, "Hi, Alex." Or "Hi, Susan."

2. Start the conversation from the article. Actively listen while you are reading, as if you are having a conversation with the person face-to-face. It's important to hear and listen to what the person is saying before you start your response. It’s the same with reading a blog. We call this active listening while reading.

 Inbound Marketing

3. Tell your personal story. Share something of yourself. As you are about to comment on what they have said, share something of yourself that adds value to the article. It helps to provide an insight into you.

4. As we mentioned before, it’s the time to listen. It's tempting to scan through the article and find or copy just one component. I strongly advise that you don’t do that. While you might scan the article, it is important to really make sure that you understand the article and feel what the author is attempting to say and communicating their message.

Seven Ways to Write Quality Comments for Inbound Marketing


5. Don't flatter. Add genuine complements. All too often, we can praise people and it will come across as fake. If you walk around a room and you just say, "I love that tie." over and over, it's not real. But if you can take the time to find an element within the article that you liked, comment on that.

6. Say something new to the article. If you find that the blog article is repeating many other points that you have read in other articles, find the thing that you found new and comment on that. 

7. The most important tip is, don't skip the end. Often the author will ask for some type of feedback. They might just want you to respond on general comment or they might ask you to tell them a story or a tip. Be very clear before you start typing, that you have seen what it is that the author is asking for. 

These are some tips so you can start writing quality comments on different blogs. But remember, the key to writing a good comment is about building a conversation. That can lead to greater opportunities for you and the author. 


Love to hear your thoughts, and maybe some of your examples of how writing a good comment has helped your marketing.

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