SEO Services as you know it, is dead!

May 2, 2016
David McMahon

David McMahon

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SEO Services is DEAD!Seo Services

Or as Brandon Lidster from Reload Media shared with us ... it has certainly changed.

I attended a talk hosted by the Brisbane Content Strategy Group, this group of content writers and content professionals gets together once a month in Brisbane to network and share their knowledge in the growing industry of content writing. Sally Bagshaw, the organiser of the event and the group is growing strong.

The focus of the discussion was around SEO and just how much the SEO industry has changed in the last 5 years. As well as how much the search engines like Google have improved the role of the SEO consultant - in many cases reducing the technical side and placing more importance on the quality of the content.

The talk highlighted a growing concern for business owners (and my clients) as the real truth about SEO sinks in -

What am I going to write about?

But first let me explain how the SEO industry has changed. If you wind the clock back five years the search engines were not that smart and by doing certain tricks you could fool search engines into thinking that a website was more important than all the rest. While there were many little tricks you could do, there was a time when just by repeating a keyword many times on the web page you could get the #1 ranking on Google.

Thankfully these examples of tricking Google no longer work. And many companies in countries  like Australia, the U.S. and the UK focus on the quality of their content when they talk about SEO. However I do see a lot of companies from India using email and telemarketing to contact Australian businesses offering SEO services that are outdated. And the business owner is fooled/tricked into SEO services that don’t work and most of the time are just ignored by Google.

Therefore SEO as you know it is dead. So now how do you create content that gets you ranking #1 on Google?

customers readWell, the first thing you need to look at, is to stop trying to get the #1 position for your keyword. It’s not about Google, it’s about your website visitor and what they’re looking for. And it all starts with better understanding your visitors wants.

As a business owner you’re the expert in your industry, so you start by telling your story. How your products or services work. Highlight your point of difference, discuss the benefits for the customer, explain how to use the product, include the price etc.

Now while this sound like normal marketing advice, there is one key different and important lesson for you to understand when creating content for your website; and that is that a visitor to your website searches by "problem statements" not "solutions statements".


For example SEO Search phases:


Solutions Statements

Problem Statements

This product cleans the skin How to remove pimples
Improve website conversion How to improve website sales
Reduce shower leaks How to stop showers leaking
Solar energy How to reduce electricity bills
Great presents for kids Birthday ideas for kids


So to sum up last night’s talk - while the technical side of SEO is still important, it’s more important to focus your energy on better understanding and creating content for your website visitor and potential customers.


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