While you may be away from the action of the major cities, know that your regional area is playing an integral role in Queensland’s startup ecosystem. In fact, across 15 regional areas spanning from all the way up north in Cairns, all the way down to Logan, are 24 coworking spaces, incubators, entrepreneurship programs, enterprise communities & hubs, shared resources & innovation centres and business support & consultancy services. (Other resource guides check out Sunshine Coast start up , Brisbane start up and Gold Coast start up)

To help you find all the regional resources relevant to you, Crocodile Marketing has complied a guide for you.


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If you're an entrepreneur based in Logan you're lucky enough to have access to 2 awesome start up services – Startup Hub - a coworking space, and GLO @ Logan Innovation Lounge - an entrepreneurship program.

Startup Hub has all the amenities your startup could ever need. From shared working spaces to hot desks, dedicated desks, meeting rooms and other service perks, you are sure to find an option that is suited to you.

GLO @ Logan Innovation Lounge on the other hand, is a 3-day program specifically intended for high school students. The program presents students with experiential challenges that they are to find solutions for through creativity and innovation in conjunction with STEAM principles. The program is designed to broaden the mindset of young individuals and to inspire new ways of thinking whilst channeling their inner entrepreneur.

You can learn more about these resources below:



Did you know that in Ipswich you have a coworking space and an entrepreneurial community available to you? Fire Station 101 is Ipswich’s coworking space that can offer your startup a supportive working environment to grow and flourish.

Fire Station 101 understands that your startup is different, so they offer flexible membership terms. They also offer fantastic business networking opportunities, workshops, development programs and investment opportunities. 

HS Ipswich on the other hand, is a local entrepreneurial community-run hackerspace. It offers like-minded individuals a friendly, safe and open environment where members can work and socialise. This community can also provide you with access to space, tech, tools and resources you may need.

If you're keen to find out more about these services, feel free to check them out below:


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If you're a Toowoomba based startup, you are fortunate enough to have access to 3 startup services, including a coworking space, entrepreneurship program and an entrepreneurial community.

Canvas Coworking is a central coworking space within Toowoomba and is passionate about connecting people. They can offer you a  wide range of space options including hot desks, offices and private rooms and can provide you with various service benefits such as optional programs, mentoring, events, virtual offices, makerspaces and a library. 

Additionally, Toowoomba’s WIRE Program offers startups and entrepreneurs the necessary resources and opportunities to thrive. The program is specifically for female entrepreneurs in rural, regional and remote areas and is designed to create a safe and supportive network for women to collaborate and innovate.

Toowoomba is also home to Startup Toowoomba, an enterprise community that seeks to inspire innovation. Startup Toowoomba run a range of events, mentoring activities and workshops for entrepreneurs like you and also offer business support.

Want to learn more about these services? You can check them out below:



Are you wanting to expand your network? If so, Startup Redlands can accommodate this  through their fantastic enterprise community. This community hosts various informational, networking and pitch nights for entrepreneurs and business-minded people like you. The great thing about these events is that they are hosted in casual settings to encourage comfortable and organic networking. 

Startup Redlands also runs a mentoring program for businesses. This mentoring program will grant your startup the direction, advice, motivation and training to bring you closer to achieving your startup goals.

You can find out more about this community below:



If you're a Cairns based startup in need of some hands-on business support and resources, then you are in luck! TheSpace is a startup incubator that revolves around educating, supporting and leading like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators.

Not only can they offer you coworking spaces, but they can also provide your startup with mentoring, training, networks and resources to facilitate growth and to encourage business scaling. 

To learn more, feel free to check out their site below:


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Are you a Mackay based startup looking for startup services? If so, rest assured that you have some awesome business services at your fingertips! Among these services are 2 incubators - DHive and Split Spaces. Both can provide your startup with the resources, programs and networks to excel.

In Mackay, you'll also find 2 startup communities - Startup Mackay and Makerspace Mackay.

While startup Mackay can provide you with a community of like-minded individuals with passions ranging from business, tech, social causes and empowering others, Makerspace Mackay is a predominantly tech focused community with a particular interest in science, computing and electronics.

Here are links these resources:



If you're looking for startup resources in Townsville, you'll be happy to know that you have an awesome incubator available to you. InnovationNQ is Townsville’s central incubator and was founded from the startup ecosystem for the startup ecosystem. It is supported by various local partners, innovators and business leaders and is becoming a key facilitator for business knowledge and growth.

This well-connected incubator can provide your startup with the guidance and know-how required to see your vision through and is designed to support all kinds of startups.

You can find out more about InnovationNQ below:


Did you know that Rockhampton is home to some brilliant startup services? Rockhampton SmartHub Coworking Space and Startup Capricorn, an entrepreneurial community group, are 2 of these.

Rockhampton Smart Hub is a coworking facility that maximises traction for startups like yours. This coworking space is designed to inspire creativity and productivity by encouraging collaboration with others in the same space, to foster a sense of community and to create supportive networks.

Startup Capricorn is also here to help your startup. This community is passionate about all things innovation and entrepreneurship and welcomes all startups and entrepreneurs. 

You can find out more about these services here:



Are you looking for a startup workspace in Bundaberg? If so, then look no further. The Generator Bundaberg is Bundaberg’s primary coworking space and innovation hub for startups like yours. It is multifaceted and operates as a coworking space, innovation hub and events venue. From shared working spaces, hot desks and meeting rooms, the Generator has various packages that are designed to suit the specific needs of your startup.

You can find out more on their site below:


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While you may be a part of Longreach’s small population, you'll be pleased to know that the town’s entrepreneurial spirit is still alive and well. OutbackHubs are a part of Longreach’s central coworking spaces and entrepreneurial community. These offices can offer your startup hot desks, high speed internet, office equipment and access to a Zoom Room.

OutbackHubs currently has a coworking space within Longreach and 2 in the close towns of Blackall and Barcaldine. They are passionate about encouraging a collaborative effort in regional areas of Queensland to inspire and support outback-based innovators and entrepreneurs. 

Sound good to you? Here is their site:

  • Coworking Space & Enterprise Community: OutbackHubs 

Hervey Bay

Ever wondered what resources Hervey Bay has in store for your startup? Well, Berwin is one them and is a business support and consultancy service provider. Their mission is to revitalise the Fraser Coast, one business at a time and is open to helping all kinds of businesses. Berwin can provide you with resources to accelerate startup growth and offer specialised services that are needed in order to make this happen. 

You can get in touch with Berwin below:

  • Business Support & Consultancy Services: Berwin 


Western Downs

Are you a Western Downs startup seeking business support? The Business Navigator Western Downs is here to help. Based on the direction you're wanting to take, the Business Navigator will devise a business plan to help you in achieving your startup goals and will provide you with hands-on support along the way.

You can find out more about the Business Navigator below:


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Finding adequate business support in a small town like Theodore can be challenging. Luckily, if you're based in Theodore,  the Rural Business Collective is here to help. The Rural Business Collective can provide your business with essential support services whilst fostering entrepreneurship within rural and remote communities of Queensland through spreading passion, knowledge and care in all that they do.

You can find out more about the Rural Business Collective below:



Have you ever considered joining a business community? Not only are they great fun but they are also super helpful and full of opportunity. And guess what? Atherton is home to one of the best - Startup & Innovation Tablelands. Being a social enterprise, Startup & Innovation Tablelands deploys collaborative efforts within the organisation to deliver business programs to startups like yours. These programs are designed to inspire and refine your entrepreneurial mindset, skills and opportunities.

They also host ‘Startup Weekends’, offering startups high intensity and low-cost weekend experiences. There is also great opportunity to grow your network, as various events and meetups are hosted every month.

You can find out more here: 



Did you know that Gladstone is home to one of rural Queensland's best business communities? That's right, Startup Gladstone is a social enterprise and a not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to empower entrepreneurs, businesses and business-minded people like you, through the use of innovative strategy and technology.

This thriving community consists of mentors, business leaders and innovators and offers extensive support across all business stages. From the idea stage to distribution and scaling, this community will be there for your startup each step of the way.

You can find out more about Startup Gladstone below:


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We hope that you have enjoyed our resource and that you have found it useful. While you may be located away from Queensland's major cities, know that you are not alone in the startup world. We hope that you can now better navigate your region's ecosystem. If you're keen to read more on startup tools, be sure to have a read of our other article for Queensland startups. From the Crocodile Marketing team, we'd like to wish you all the best.

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