Proper AdWords Management to Track Success

December 15, 2015
David McMahon

David McMahon

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helping google adwordsGetting the help of an expert in managing your AdWords marketing campaign is a great step, especially if you're a beginner or not confident with your skills. A Google AdWords Consultant not only helps in keyword research and optimization, they also manage other important aspects to ensure your advertising is a success.

One of the most important things needed to run an effective inbound marketing campaign is to measure success. There are four basic metrics to measure your paid search efforts: impressions, clicks, conversions, and spend.

  • Impressions - This is the number of times that your ad has been displayed. Though web users may or may not have seen your ad or clicked on it, they have been given the chance to be exposed to it through an impression.
  • Clicks - This is when a web user who has seen your ad, actually clicks on it, taking them to your landing page.
  • Conversions - When you set up your Google AdWords account, you'll be prompted to add some tracking code to your website, allowing Google and you to track user actions to know when someone has taken an action from your landing page like purchasing your product, inquiring about your services, or downloading special content such as an e-book.
  • Spend - Spend is the amount of money that you spent on your AdWords campaign over a given time period. 

Combinations of these four metrics which also include click through rates (CTR), conversion rates, cost-per-click, and cost per acquisition allow you to optimize your campaign. Using these inbound marketing analytics you can evaluate and improve your offers.

  • Click Through Rate (CTR) -This is the percentage of impressions that result in clicks. If you achieve a higher CTR, it means it's an effective aspect of your campaign.
  • Conversion Rate - This is the percentage of clicks that turn into conversions.
  • Cost-per-Click (CPC) - This cost metric is the amount of money that you have spent to obtain each click. To know your CPC, divide the number of clicks into your total spend. The lower the ratio, the more efficient your campaign.
  • Cost per Acquisition (CPA) - This cost metric is the amount that you spent to convert your potential clients into paying customers. To get your CPA, simply divide the total spend by the number of conversions. The lower the CPA, the better.

As part of an inbound marketing strategy, your Google AdWords Consultant properly organizes ads so you can efficiently monitor their success. With proper management of your PPC campaigns, you will be able to achieve the success that you desire.


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With the help and advice of a Google AdWords Consultant, you can save more than your AdWords cost you. One of the reasons why most paid search advertising fails is that business owners tend to spend a large amount of money on keywords that are not relevant to their business.

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