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Inbound Loop: New business comes via SEO and Pinterest Advertising

February 19, 2020
David McMahon

David McMahon

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It cannot overstate how much new business comes to you via SEO.

This week, I see the ongoing debate and new features by Google to help you with SEO. An interesting development with Pinterest proving that it is growing and it may be time to rethink whether Pinterest advertising is right for you. I also found a number of great new authors who shared their experiences using LinkedIn for B2B and community building using Slack.

Have a great week and enjoy these 9 articles for the week!

  •  Ongoing SEO Debate

As an SEO consultant myself, I always laugh when two search engine experts debate whether subdomains or subdirectories are better for SEO. @rebecca_white94 shares a sensible view on the topic. It's worth reading.

  • Pinterest's New Advertising Tools

Time to revisit Pinterest advertising for online marketers!

A 51% increase in advertising revenue is a good sign that Pinterest's new shopping ads tools are working for businesses. .Pinterest topped $1 billion in 2019

  • B2B Using LinkedIn

A great article on using LinkedIn for B2B marketing!

To master LinkedIn, you must first understand the complexity of how people use this social media channel, so read every article you can. I encourage you to start here with Manish Nepal's case study of $20 organic marketing.

  • New Google Search Console Feature

New Google Search Console feature is for reviewing snippets to help you find any issues with your implementation and monitor how the snippet is working. Check out the article by Google here or talk to our team.

  • Community Building Strategy

A great case study on building your own community niche using Slack. It also provides the foundational steps for building a community on any channel or social media platform.

How We Created the Biggest Slack Community Channel in Our Niche

  • Facebook Video Reminder

A great reminder that video is still the best performance content format. Who would have guessed that in 2020 there are 8 billion video views each day on Facebook. 5 Facebook Video Stats in 2020 [Infographic]

  • Fight Back Against Fake Reviews

Online reviews are great for businesses, but when you get a fake or downright abusive review, it is impossible to fight it. Well, thankfully, a small business in Australia is taking on the legal battle to try build a response to anonymous reviews.

  • Guest Blogging Opportunity

Building awareness for any business is important, but finding places to publish articles for new audiences is hard and very competitive. Here is a list of 13 guest blogging outlets that may be worth looking at.

  • When to Use Do-reply Address

While this is not a method I would normally recommend for most businesses, I do understand the problems and costs of managing spam on business email accounts. It is very hard to determine the commercial balance between using a do-not-reply address vs the issue of responding to customers. This is a great article on the pros/cons and best practices of using a do-not-reply email address.

Cheers 😀

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