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Learn How to Add a Contact Record in Hubspot CRM

June 13, 2019
David McMahon

David McMahon

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Okay, we are going to dig deeper into the HubSpot CRM contacts screen. Using Contacts you have the ablity to create your own custom views and share them with your team members.

By clicking on the add filter you can choice all of the different types of fields with HubSpot CRM or you can create your own fields.

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Watch the HubSpot CRM trianing video you will learn you can 

  • Add a new contact by typing in their email address or name.
  • add extra properties, look at any deals that are associated with the contact and company record.
  • Add log activities such as, phone call, email, or even a meetings
  • Assign tasks to individual contact records 
  • and more




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