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Inbound Marketing News: crazy memes  and Apple outsell Swiss Watches

February 12, 2020
David McMahon

David McMahon

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This week we see crazy memes and .gifs continue as Twitter makes room for more ways that we can use them. 

A special observation is that technology is pushing further into our customers' lives, with Apple smart watches out-selling the entire Swiss watch industry.  Voice searches reach 32% of households in the U.S. alone. It is important to know how this will change the buying habits of our customers.

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Here my eight articles that worth a few minutes: 

  • Inspiring tech story 

Inspiring new product - called the Freedom Wing Adapter, the box connects the Xbox to a wheelchair and lets people turn their power .wheelchairs into game controllers

  • Twitter making more room for GIFs

Twitter recently added the ability to add text descriptions to GIFs.

  • Gen Z Trends

Who would have guessed?  62% of Gen Z checks Instagram, while 60% visit YouTube, daily. To learn more about Generation Z, I recommend you check out the article by @pamelabump, .""52 Gen Z Stats Marketers Need to Know in 2020

  • Just funny what tech people dream up

Why? This is just funny :)  Ask the Google Assistant to .find your keys with Tile

  • Augmented reality is getting closer.

Latest augmented reality headset by Google. It is now available for $999. You can expect to see people using these over the next twelve months to five years. 

  • Consumer Tech trends

Consumer trends on buying watches, how technology is disrupting the industry. Apple shipped nearly 31 million watches in 2019, compared to the whole Swiss watch industry that only shipped 21.1 million watches.

  • LinkedIn Prospect Tools

This is a great read by Ilya.  Doing prospecting using LinkedIn take a lot time, so to help you, I would recommend checking out the review of these seven tools:

  • Email Marketing 

When is the best time to send promotional emails? It seems it is on Thursdays. ??

Cheers 😀

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