How Lead Nurturing will Improve Landing Page Conversion

October 15, 2018
David McMahon

David McMahon

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Lead generation is vital success element for all kinds of business. Though more and more companies acknowledge the need to look for a better lead generation, a lot of these landing page conversion don’t ensure an increase of sales. Around 79% of the generated leads hardly turn into sales because of lack of nurturing.

Lead Nurturing More importantly, you must ensure a great percentage of those leads converting into revenues so you could reap the benefits of all your investment. Whether you own small or large businesses, it’ll be easier to be on top of the lead advancement progression if you consider its success as your main objective.


What is lead nurturing, by the way?


Lead nurturing is a marketing jargon for building a business relationship with possible customers. It intends to provide highly significant educational offer to raise a company’s profile long before the clients are ready to buy. It’s also about periodically touching their interests, knowing the offers they absorbed best, recording their activities, and rationally scoring their readiness to buy. This is how it helps to improve landing page conversion.



What is its worth to you?


Let’s not forget, most of your leads are qualified but aren’t ready yet to be converted into sales. About 50% of the leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy. What you want is your brand on their top list when they are ready. The key to this is to identify who are interested with your offer, what they need more, and what are the measures you can do to further educate them to help them get ready for the next step of the sales cycle.



How do you nurture leads?


Your lead nurturing efforts start once you have your attained the contact information of your casual viewers after filling in a form from your page and turn them into a regular subscribers. Lead nurturing can be a form of series of emails or what they call as workflows. They educate your leads about the benefits of your company’s particular product or service, updates, and price changes, which are all designed with a more personalized pitch.



Get that timing right


It’s ironic when your prospected clients hate to stick their noses when they don’t find your offer relevant to their needs but they’d be the happiest man on the planet when they hear from you just when they needed it.

About 78% of the sales from web inquiry were acquired by the company that responded first. The response rates decrease by the minute you fail you ask them. Send them email response within a day upon visiting for optimal results.



Personalized Your Nurture


It is like baking an apple pie when you’re customers ordered custard cake –they surely won’t like to eat it. Segment your leads based on their interest and from there, further hone your connection by offering contents relevant to their expressed interest. You can also prompt them to click on calls-to-action to ask them to respond again.


If done right, your landing page conversion can motivate them to buy sooner than way later. Have a routine in updating your lead nurturing campaigns to make it more effective.


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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in 13 April 2014 and updated on the 15 Oct 2018.


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