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How to Jump Start a Quiet Business Doing Your Own SEO Marketing

December 20, 2015
David McMahon

David McMahon

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How to Jump Start a Quiet Business Doing Your Own SEO MarketingIs Your Business Too Quiet?


If yes, then please read the following article and hopefully it’ll give you some answers to your questions. But, if right now your business is going well, I still urge you to keep reading because SEO and marketing is constantly changing.


But first let me ask:

In your business right now are you still...

  • Going to a bank branch to pay your bills?
  • Walking into a travel agent to book your flights?
  • And, do you still send faxes?

It’s unlikely, as you're most likely using technology to do internet banking, book flights online or using email. The web really has made doing business easier, right?

And now it’s your customers turn!

You see the web and technology have given us an explosion of information. Your customers can now Google something they’re interested in, they don’t have to rely solely on the over-priced and mainstream yellow pages, newspapers, TV or radio.


And the best part, the web has connected everybody!


The important lesson here is ... it’s no longer “the done thing” to cleverly interrupt people with your advert and hope that you can convince 1-2% of them to respond to your offer. This has worked really well for the retail industry in the past, but now the web has become more popular.

And this is where a huge opportunity for you lies…


How to Jump Start a Quiet Business Doing Your Own SEO MarketingBut firstly, let’s explain what SEO is.  

SEO is an acronym for "search engine optimization" or "search engine optimizer." Deciding to hire an SEO consultant is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and save time, but you can also potentially risk damage to your site and reputation.

Be aware that many SEOs and marketing agencies and consultants can provide useful services for your website such as keyword research, SEO training, and technical advice on website development: for example, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript etc.


But at the core of your website, you must understand that “Content is King”...


The secret is that you must create content that people are looking searching for. I spend a lot of time training organisations to communicate and share their staff’s expertise and knowledge via their website to attract and convert visitors into new customers.

On the web it’s about earning attention, not buying it, and you earn attention, by firstly, earning trust.


So here’s how you start SEO:


First, STOP typing your company name into Google - your potential customers are not doing that.

Customers turn to the web, when they need something and they’ll usually Google it or ask their friends on social media. Start matching your products/services to the customer's problem statement, i.e. make a list of all the problems your product or services can fix. Your customers are searching for things that affect them and what they want, so you need to match your products/services to your customer’s habits.

How to Jump Start a Quiet Business Doing Your Own SEO MarketingCheck out Google’s Starter Guide on search engine optimization to help businesses and internet users understand a little more about SEO.  Learn the SEO secrets, as well as information on the latest SEO marketing tools available.

  • creating good page titles (Google recommends putting keywords in your titles, as long as you don’t overdo it)
  • Among other things, the guide discusses:
    (You can get a copy of the Google SEO Starter Guide by downloading it here.)
  • improving site structure
  • optimising your internal and external links (by including relevant keywords in the anchor text)
  • using robots.txt files and sitemaps
  • some basic information about SEO for mobile phones (includes dealing with serving different content to mobile and desktop users)
  • promoting your website and tracking progress with Google’s Seach Console (also known as Google Webmaster Tools)

Now I know the above may sound confusing, this we why we provide SEO training for your organization's staff and then you no longer need an SEO consultant. You can do all your own SEO in house, making it cheaper in the long run. Recently I was speaking with a client who has over 180 keyword phrases in the top 10 for Google. And they did it all themselves, with the right tools and training -  we use and recommend HubSpot.
client seo results case study
Now once you have your SEO “up and running”, there’s a number of other marketing strategies you could look at doing, including:


Email Marketing

It’s a cheap and easy way to stay in contact with prospects and customers. BUT do not send out crap! Send out content that is worth knowing about and is helpful.


Social Media

Be careful, social media can be a great time waster and produce few sales. However, for the right business, social media can be very profitable.

For a social media managing tool, check out Hootsuite or Hubspot.  If you have a question on inbound marketing, or how to get more customers to your website, just call us.

SEO marketing assessment

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