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David McMahon

David McMahon

I wrestle with marketing technology so you don't have to. In my spare time, I run a marketing group with 1100+ marketers helping each other to attract new customers and share ideas. You are welcome to connect with me here.

facebook adsPlacing ads on Facebook provides one of the most targeted advertising opportunities today. The social network knows the demographics and interests of more than 1.7 billion people who are active online.

I’m going to show you how you can boost your Facebook marketing through smart advertising. So, let’s dig deeper into the science of how to create epic Facebook ads and to get a comprehensive view of the power of Facebook for your business.

  1. Writing the Headlines

    The main title of your Facebook ad is to grab the people’s attention. Your headlines can be a maximum of 250 characters. Data suggests that best length of a headline is just 5 words long. While it can be hard work to write a clear statement, I often spend at 30 minutes coming up with different lines on paper. This does cost me my time. I’m also spending money on the ad. So, in the long term it is worth investing my time.

    The key is to get to the point of your ad.

  2. What to say in the text

    The text sits above the image and it is best to provide a short description about the product, eBook, or blog article you are promoting.

  3. Add the benefit to the description

    The description sits below the headline to give more room in the news feed to describe more of your product, eBook, or blog article. Remember you only have 250 characters in the area.

    When writing text and headlines, data shows the words “you/your”, “free”, “now”, and “new” will naturally draw your reader.

  4. Great caption is the URL of your website

    The caption is where your website domain name will appear. So, there is no need to get too worried about this.

  5. The Call-to-Action

    Facebook provides you with a few different styles of call-to-action (CTA) buttons. The button shows people where they should click. The CTA buttons I like to use the most are “Learn More”, “Show Now”, and “Sign Up”.

  6. The Epic image

    When looking for images, I look at canva.com a lot. It is easy and has a large library of stock images that I can purchase. But still, it is important to make sure your selected image supports the emotional response of the product, eBook, or blog article.

    Best tips are:

  • Select images of happy people
  • Bright colors
  • Value – showing a person using the product
  • Children and pet are always a good bet

Now it’s time for you start creating your own Facebook ad, click to create to Facebook Ad account. And to learn the process for increasing your reach to generate leads and close sales all through Facebook, use you can download our free guide called “Facebook Marketing: Turn Fans into Buying Customers.

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