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How To Become a Micro Influencer

October 1, 2019
David McMahon

David McMahon

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Who is an influencer?

An influencer is an individual that offers opinions, pieces of advice, or actions that influence other people or processes. Simply put – someone that influences others. Going deeper, an influencer is an expert or an industry leader – one you seek advice from. A look at our close environment will reveal the presence of several leaders and experts, who influence across the board.

They are known leaders with multitudes of followers – followers here mean people that listen to them, draw inspirations from them, and consider their advice and stance reliable and actionable. Influencers can be superstars, celebrities, entertainers, or even popular political figures – each specializing in a particular niche.

Influencing sure has several benefits, but becoming an influencer doesn’t come easy. As a business owner, you can consider yourself as an influencer in your right, after all, customers are patronizing you because you were able to influence them with your products and services while assuring them of your capabilities of solving their problems. For this article, we will be focusing on becoming an influencer adapted to the social media platforms.

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Becoming a Social Media Influencer

The first and basic rule of business is helping people for profit. So, the first step to being an influencer is building followership and audience. Becoming an influencer on social media comes at different levels, and the first and the starting level is the micro-influencer stage. As a micro-influencer on social media, your followership would be between 2,000 and 50,000 on any platform.

You may choose to start on any of Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others, so far there are brands and companies on such platform that can target you and make you an offer to promote their products and services. Being a micro influencer is quite profitable. However, you earn more when your followership grows to about 100,000 and more. On YouTube, it may require you having up to 1M subscribers before being considered an influencer.

Prerequisites To Becoming An Influencer

There are four elements you must analyze before you can become a micro-influencer.

1. Purpose

Why are you doing this? This question will help you to come up with vision(s) and mission(s), which you can share with others. By purpose, we mean something that people can aspire to. Your main goal would be to grow and expand your community of followers. Thus you should have the right vision and mission that will drive this aim. Define your purpose and ensure that it is something that affects others positively, i.e., a people-centered mission and vision.

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For instance, your purpose could be to become a better golfer, sportsman, movie producer, writer, business owner, or entrepreneur. The bottom line in each case remains that you want to be better. Most time, what differentiates the different types of influences is the purpose. According to Simon Sinek, a renowned author and influencer, the use of the right purpose and vision can go a long way in communicating and winning over a wider audience.

Lastly on purpose, ensure that it is personally-inclined, as this helps you to stay committed to it in the long term. So far your desire to really be that and live that purpose through your actions exist, you can rest assured of dedicated and loyal followership.

2. Choosing your ideal social media platform

As a starter, it is best that you work with just one social media platform. Consider all the options carefully before making a choice. Your choice social media platform is where you will establish your presence and reach out to the already-existing audience. Considering that the algorithm each social media platform works on is unique, you must strive to understand how your chosen platform works – this is pivotal to your success. If you understand the algorithm, you can easily reach out to a wider audience, and faster, after all, there are millions of users on these platforms.

For instance, you can start with a meetup – gathering people in your local area and engaging in meaningful discussions of mutual interest. Although this takes time before it grows to the big stage, if you are consistent about it, you will eventually get sizeable followership you can move on to the internet. And that way, you get your online community. Alternatively, you can ditch the meetup option and start from scratch on your chosen social media platform.

3. Influencing your close circle first

No one wants to be the first to follow an unknown influencer, no matter how convincing you sound or appear. So, most times, even if people are convinced about you, they are deterred by the fact that no one is following you yet. To avoid this, you need to start building from your close circle. From your friends, family, associates, acquaintances, and colleagues, try and bring them into the fold. With about 10 or 20 followers already existing, it is easier to convince new people to become part of such movement. The most important thing is to have these existing followers – it doesn’t have to be many. With just 20 initial followers, you can get the group started by engaging these members actively in everything you do online.

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4. Compelling and Shareable Contents

This is the most important element of the four, and it helps with the algorithms, and if leveraged well, it will help you to reach out to a wider audience. The basic principle behind shareable contents is providing people with the reason to join you as a first timer. So, to capture people’s attention and bring them into the fold, you need to offer compelling and relevant posts. Apart from quality contents, you need to make the headline as catchy as possible.

This drives people to your profile, with the expectations of finding out what you do or more information about you. And when they eventually come, it is your responsibility to provide contents that will make them follow you and stay put. It all boils down to your purpose and how ready and capable you are to build bonds and relationships that will help you strengthen and grow your community.

So, ensure that all the contents accompanied by your photos are relevant, catchy, and relatable. This is necessary because it is the first point of contact with your potential followers, and if they like what they see, they will definitely engage with it. When they engage, they will most likely share it with their friends, and this leaves you with an opening to tap into that organic growth and build your following on that social media platform.


Remember that being a micro-influencer comes with a lot of perks, and of course, excellent financial gains. However, you can only reach this level if you start well and stay on track for as long as it takes to build your community of dedicated and loyal followers.

The first step is always to get your purpose right and clear, followed by the selection of your most preferred platform. The third step is to convince your inner circle about your course and get them to follow you. Lastly, you must be ready to offer excellent contents that your potential followers can relate to and engage with.

If you ever need help building an audience for your brand or getting your message out there to your target audience, kindly contact us at Crocodile Marketing. We will be glad to help you in every way we can and ultimately meet all your needs.

Good luck!



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