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Web marketing using hubspot

HubSpot is an All-In-One online marketing tool. It brings together website analytics, keyword research volumes, lead tracking, social media monitoring in to one simple dashboard.

If you are wanting a Google ranking for 10 to 20 keyword phrases most of the work can be done using a spreadsheet like MS Excel.

But once your business steps up to the 200 or 500 Google keyword phrases (which is where the Gold really is) you will usually need 1 to 2 people working full-time just creating spreadsheets to analyse data. So instead of hiring a couple of spreadsheet ninja’s and training them up on your business you have everything you need--at your fingertips--to survive and flourish in today's online wilderness using HubSpot Australia.

What is HubSpot Software?


At Crocodile Marketing, we are certified HubSpot partner providing inbound marketing services to Brisbane and Gold Coast companies using the platform. Let us show you a demo so you can experience the power of HubSpot for yourself.


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David McMahon

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