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5 reasons how you can benefit from HubSpot

December 22, 2015
David McMahon

David McMahon

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HubSpot is the marketing tool you never realized you needed.

HubSpot is what is inbound marketing, its sales and it’s the service software you and your company need not just to attract visitors but convert leads and close customers. The age of traditional marketing is over and it´s time to marketing more personal.

 All this and more, lets dig in.  


1. It´s an All-In-One magic marketing tool

Tackling problems on the daily take’s effort, it always seems that whilst tackling one problem another 3, 4 or 5 pop-up and suddenly what was supposed to take one hour took two. HubSpot is that All-In-One marketing tool that solves those problems before they even get the chance to pop up. It brings together website analytics, keyword research volumes, lead tracking, social media monitoring in to one simple dashboard. And that’s the first reason, but not the only one why HubSpot can benefit you and your business


2. Getting your content into the social media world

Social media is a beautiful tool. Everyone uses it. What do you think of when you think about inbound strategy? I bet that social media was among the thoughts you had. So, what about HubSpot helps us with social media? Posting daily doesn´t seem so bad until you´re managing 4 different social media platforms and too many accounts, but without these daily posts your customers lose interest, you no longer fill that need. HubSpot helps you upload a schedule in bulk, meaning that you write all the content for a twitter post for example and you simple put it in a cue with the other posts you created with a time that you want it to be uploaded. Posting in advance helps you stay on top of your game and gives you time to do other things that are vital to keep your business running. All those post you just scheduled you can check in on the interactions and engagements all on same platform. This lets you know what works and what doesn´t.


3. Tackling SEO

SEO is yet another marketing word we all know about and we all know how important this is when it comes to improving your sites ranking. HubSpot helps you keep track of keywords and therefore helps you reach your goals and eventually get ranked in the top 10, just like you wanted.


4. Track what brings in the money: leads and conversions

HubSpot not only helps you create the posts to bring in clients and leads, but it also helps optimize lead generation, nurturing these leads and ensuring that they continue down what is known as the inbound marketing stages: Attract, Convert, Close and Delight. It helps you create that blog post that attracts visitors, convert them through the platforms ability to create forms, CTAS and landing pages, close them through CRM, emails and workflows and finally delight them through surveys, smart content and social monitoring.

Copy of Twitter banner (1)

Find out where your visitors are coming from, how they get to your site, what search engines they are using, what they want to do once they are there and for how long they are there for. Hubspot has integrated CRM making sure you managing your relationship with your customers to your very best ability and makes communicating with them easy.


5. All the data collection you need

HubSpot collects all the data you need to know about how your time and effort is reflecting on your clients and how they react, whether its how long they spend on your webpage or whether just seeing how many people were interesting in what you have to offer, HubSpot brings it all into one platform. ROI or Return of Investments can be kept tracked off in a blink of an eye on HubSpot.

The era of wasting time posting on every single social media channel every single day and every single hour is over. The digital marketing era is here, and HubSpot isn´t going anywhere.


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  Originally published 22 December 2015, last updated 23 April 2019

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