Are you a Gold Coast entrepreneur hungry for the latest on offer in the startup world? Well, you've come to the right place. The Gold Coast is currently home to various emerging startups and is gradually beginning to build its ecosystem. With 15 coworking spaces, incubators, VCs, accelerator programs, angel investment firms and other business services, you can be well equipped with all the business resources you could ever need.   (Other resource guides check out Sunshine Coast start up , Brisbane start up and Queensland regional startup)

As Gold Coast's ecosystem continues to grow and expand, it is important that entrepreneurs stay in the loop. To help you keep up to date, Crocodile Marketing has compiled a range of resources for you.


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Gold Coast Coworking Spaces

If it's a work space that you're looking for, the Gold Coast has many coworking offices scattered across the city. These spaces vary in their offerings, from casual shared spaces, to private and professional offices and boardrooms. No matter your office needs, these spaces have a package that’s suited to you. These offices are fairly spread out across the coast within the areas of Burleigh, Varsity, Ormeau and Coomera. 

Here are 6 fantastic coworking spaces worth checking out: 


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Gold Coast Incubators

Perhaps you're looking for some hands-on support and guidance for your startup. If this is the case, GC Hub is a passionate incubator that can offer your startup all the resources and services your startup needs to excel. Located centrally in Robina, this incubator can provide your startup with the mentoring, events, advice, programs and networks to ensure that your startup is optimised across all areas. GC Hub also operates within a 3-story workplace with impressive spaces and facilities.

Feel free to check them out below:


Gold Coast Accelerators

If it's speedy growth that you're wanting to achieve, have you considered an accelerator program? The GC Hub hosts the Startup Onramp Pre-Accelerator Program. Running for 3 months, this program and is designed to give your startup the resources, networks and skills required to launch or excel your company.

Bond University also offers Gold Coast startups a business accelerator program that is designed for early stage startups in providing mentoring and training to inspire startup growth.

These accelerators can provide your startup with opportunities to thrive in environments that are passionate, dedicated and well-connected to ensure that your startup is equipped for success.

If you're eager to learn more, feel free to check them out below:


Gold Coast Venture Capital & Advisory Firms 

If it's funding that you're after, you'll be happy to know that the Gold Coast has some awesome venture capital and advisory firms. iQFunds is one of them, and is both a VC and advisory group that boasts global interests and networks. Another, is the Futurist, an organisation of futurists and strategists connecting businesses with investors that can offer your startup networks and insights.

Here are the links to these services:


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Gold Coast Angel Investment Firms & Communities

Another great way for you to attain funding is through an angel investment firm. Gold Coast Angels is a group of angel investors supporting startups like yours. This firm also provides mentoring and hosts regular investor meetings and social events. In addition to investing in your startup financially, this group will aim to provide your startup with advice and guidance along the way. 

You can find their website below:


Gold Coast Entrepreneurship Programs

Are you keen to brush up on your entrepreneurial skills? If so, the Gold Coast currently offers the Startup Apprentice entrepreneurship program, designed for young minds in inspiring creativity, innovation and technical exploration. This program offers and array of workshops, presentations, talks, spaces and resources to encourage learning and the entrepreneurial spirit. 

You can check them out below:


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Gold Coast Enterprise Communities & Hubs

If you are a Gold Coast entrepreneur in the technology sector, Gold Coast Techspace may just be a community for you. This community is based in Mudgeeraba and is a hackerspace and makerspace, pre-incubator and learning centre that is open to all that are passionate about tech. Gold Coast Techspace hosts regular meetups and events to encourage active participation within the community.

You can find out more about them here:


Gold Coast Shared Resources & Innovation Hubs

Needing access to business resources? The Gold Coast is also home to Bond Business Commercialisation Centre. This centre aims to nurture innovation and to inspire entrepreneurs. It offers various programs, workshops and events that are dedicated to upskilling individuals and broadening their entrepreneurial horizons.

You can learn more about them below:

We hope that our resource has been of use to you. You should now equipped with information to help you optimise your utilisation of business services on the Gold Coast. If you're interested in learning more about startup tools, be sure to check our other resource for Queensland startups.

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