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Five Steps To Planning Social Media Ads For 2018

February 6, 2018
David McMahon

David McMahon

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The world is changing and customer buying habits have changed dramatically with new technologies such as mobile phones and smart home automation. 

Five Steps


This is also affecting customer buying habits with social media. There are so many social media channels to choose that people just don't have the time. Often you can see patterns for example

  • Employees use Linkined while at work and Facebook at home to follow family and friends.
  • The younger generation (inclined to do the opposite of their parents) will use Snapchat and/or Instagram for catch up with friends and Facebook to stay in touch with family.

Plus all social media platforms have private messaging that is driving the instant chat demand. The key for long-term profit is to understand why our customers do what they do and build better marketing systems to help them.

While technology can be scary and hard to understand the good news is social media channels have billions of users. As business owners, we only need small audience size between 50,000 and 200,000 in order to remain profitable.

The five steps to help build the right social media strategy for your business in 2018.


Step 1: Pick The Right Social Media Channel For Your Buyer PersonaPlanning Social Media

Often business owners struggle to manage all the different social media channels, it is best to understand and master one first before trying to everything.

Remember there are three types of processes for social media advertising

  • Building awareness campaigns
  • Remarketing campaigns for follow up
  • Instant Messaging to help make the sales or appointment 


Step 2: Linking Your CRM System To Social MediaPlanning Social Media Ads

More people are staying on the social media platform, it's important to be using remarketing to follow up with prospects. So make sure tracking code (ie Facebook pixel) are set up correctly and grouped into the right audience/lists.

For example, Facebook pixel enables you to separate people's activities into groups/lists like when a person visits your homepage, versus visiting a product/service page or blog page. These activities give an indication and context of what the visitor is wanting and where they sit in their buying journey. This is the new form of list segmentation for social media and unlocks better sales conversion results.

Then ensure your CRM systems is sync with social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. While this is new technology, it will help to streamline your social media advertising. Recently HubSpot CRM announced they added new Facebook lead ads integrations, Facebook ads audience sync and Instagram integrationo

Setting this up will take time and investment in your CRM system that will be very profitable in the long term.


Step 3: Get Training On How To Respond To ProspectsPlanning Social Media

Using instant messaging and SMS messaging is different to using your telephone or face to face meetings. To communicate with people in small messages can be hard. When you meet a person face to face you have your body language, your voice tone to help communicate the message. With instant messaging, you don't have this and a simple 5-minute conversation ends up being many interactions by instant messaging.

If required, contact us for a quote on sales training for How To Communicate Using Instant Messages here.


Step 4: Start AdvertisingPlanning Social Media

The minimum investment time for any new social media platform is 90 days, you need to test at least 10 ads to determine if the social media channel is or isn't going to work for you.

Start with creating your remarketing campaigns first using the tracking codes to build the audiences or lists. Then start to build your awareness ads, that way you have the system already created to follow up with prospects after they engage with awareness ads.



Steps 5: Know Your NumbersPlanning Social Media

The goal with marketing is to assume nothing and test everything.

To analyse your ads ensure that the length of time and budget are similar. For example for a monthly social media advertising budget of $600 consider splitting into

  • Awareness Ad 1 for 7 days $100 with Audience size 50k to 200k
  • Awareness Ad 2 for 7 days $100 with Audience size 50k to 200k
  • Awareness Ad 3 for 7 days $100 with Audience size 50k to 200k
  • Awareness Ad 4 for 7 days $100 with Audience size 50k to 200k
  • Remarketing Ad 1 for 14 days $100
  • Remarketing Ad 2 for 14 days $100

This will make it easier to compare and analysis over the period of 90 days. The goal is to achieve a conversion rate of

  • 2% or better for awareness ads and
  • 10% or better for remarketing ads



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Over to you

I’d love to hear your thoughts on social media’s strategy as shift towards instant messaging continues to go. What do you think the future holds for marketing through messaging apps bots?

Excited to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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