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Doing Inbound Marketing the Right Way

Written by David McMahon | 08 Feb 2016 // 11:30 PM

One of the main reasons businesses fail at online marketing is that they use various SEO marketing techniques the wrong way. So what is the right way of doing inbound marketing?

Web pages are ranked by search engine algorithms based on several factors.

The basic principle behind this is that a page will show up in a search engine when the website has mentioned the keywords or keyword phrases that were searched for.

Previously, inbound marketingwas about building hundreds of back-links every day. SEO companies and business owners only cared about how they could generate thousands of links back to their site. As a consequence, link-builders were spamming the site. Today, there’s a different way of doing SEO. Search engines have created algorithmic changes to combat the link-building strategies that many sites used before the changes were made.

A lot of link-builders or those who generate links back to a website use directory websites in getting links. A directory is intended to categorize the internet into different types of categories or subcategories while providing links to “good” websites that belong to those categories. Though there are legitimate directory websites, a lot of them were created for the purpose of building links back to webpages sacrificing the quality of links. This is definitely the wrong way to generate links.

In the past year, search engines like Google started removing free directories from their index which means that the links that were obtained from these directory sites are no longer useful to a website’s overall links. To put it simply, links coming from these directory sites are no longer counted. Relying on these directory sites to obtain links was only a short-term strategy. Google, particularly, has started to penalize websites that relied heavily on this technique to maintain their rank in search engines.

Many businesses have also purchased links as part of their inbound marketing campaign to rank higher in search engines. But the problem is these paid links maybe part of a larger network of link buyers and sellers that involve a link network or a group of poor-quality sites that link to a specific webpage to increase a website’s authority.

These methods are against search engine guidelines particularly Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. In fact, your website can be penalized and this can lead to severe consequences. Today, search engines can spot these link-building strategies by either detecting website registration connections or by looking for websites that follow particular linking patterns.

Article marketing is also an SEO marketing strategy that many SEO experts and internet marketers use to build links back to their websites. Article marketing is still a very powerful strategy, but only when done the correct way. Content is still king despite all the changes that Google has made. Before, article marketing involved writing one article and spinning it to create variations and posting or submitting these variations to low-quality article directory sites with highly-optimized anchor texts.  

However the best way to use article marketing is to create high-quality content. It should be interesting and should catch the attention of the readers. Your content should also be valuable and should provide useful information.

Low-quality link-building techniques only provide short-term results. Search engines today don’t rank websites for the sole purpose of ranking but rather for the user’s experience. SEO is not all about optimizing for search engines; it should be optimized for people. So, you should observe the best practices to make your inbound marketing successful to get long-term results.