What would be your ultimate marketing goal?

If I was to say to you that you could be seen by twenty or forty thousand new potential customers is that going to get you excited? Is that something that is going to be worth your time?


That's what local SEO is doing?

The art of advertising when we go out there to be seen people, but more importantly we want to do that in a way that people are going to remember you. That often comes down to your point of difference. The good news is is that Google has made it easier over the last ten years, the upside to that is it allows me to provide more value instead of being caught up in all the technical stuff.


Local Marketing


I with customers on their messaging and I'm gonna share how we do it and you can take these tips. I develop a Content and SEO Road-map for my clients to making sure that we understand the message and develop tactics to communicate the message with potential customers.

I've always found when working with business owners the vast majority of business owners are passionate and genuine about what they want to do to help their customers. It fascinating to see the reason why they jumped out of bed and why started a business to help their client.

The Content and SEO Road-map is to understand and working with them to articulate how we communicate their reasons and results to the customers.

Secondly we have to make sure that Google can see your website and understand the message and the unique position of your business. Because every business is different ensure that your message is right, that's how they they remember your business.

My personal goal when working with the client is to increase their website traffic by at least 50% otherwise why bother that's why in the unlikely event that I'm not able to do that for a client we refund their money.


Because when you invest in local SEO there has to be a payback.

When you're doing local SEO it's about doing online and offline you can't do one or the other. Getting the balance right to ensure that what's happening on Google (the digital world) is also being reflected in the offline world.


Local Search Marketing



The following are the main area for local seo

Understanding NAP it stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. Google robots use this as a way of identifying your business so when you're looking at creating your different presence on different websites we need to ensure the Name, Address and the Phone Number format are consistent.

We'd have to be very careful so if your address Unit 2 / 62 Nerang Street, Southport Qld 4214. you need to be using that formated address everywhere. Don't start changing it from Unit to Level, you have to keep the format. I don't recommend that you use things like slashes or commas where possible keep it simple.

Put the address on your contact us page and make sure that it's well formatted and that the the robots can understand.

Get all of your social media working correctly, makes sure that your Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter all has your location on it and that the address is exactly the same as your website. And more importantly make sure that the links on social media is going to your website.



Social Media Marketing


Google's robots use them to identify where you live now with social media it's important to use local content. The elements of local content is writing content about your region or suburbs that you're in by sharing that on social media. It's not about stuffing every post with the word Gold Coast or Southport etc. Just make sure that you're using them regularly, few 1 or 2 per month on Twitter talking about your local suburbs is a good thing and one or two blog articles per month.

Ensure that you have claimed your Google Maps listing then do a search for your business name to see there are any duplicate listings. Request that they remove. Then update the google map listing products and services, region that you operate in and more importantly update your address. (if you are a home business there is an option to ask Google not to display your address to the general public). You need to go and get a minimum of five local reviews for your Google listing. You've got to ask your customers for it and it's a good habit to continually ask regularly for people to leave a review.

Get backlinks, we do this listing your business on the top 20 business directories that are available. Here are just few I recommend

Building local relationships with other businesses to ask for them to link to your website. This is why I started the co marketing networking events each month to allow the business owners to come together and meet each other to build their relationships so that you can start sharing backlinks as one the many co-marketing opportunities tactics I teach.

When it come to local SEO the only mistake you can make is not asking for backlink and help from other business owners. So start asking and you will be surprised with the results guaranteed!


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