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Create Content Offers For Inbound Marketing | Guide Business Owners

December 13, 2017
David McMahon

David McMahon

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I'm running through steps for creating content offers to attract customers using inbound marketing. This is a guide for business owners who are seeking a little help to build content offers because I see so many business owners get tripped up on this concept, let's discuss exactly what a content offer can be, highlight the characteristics of an effective offer, and explain how you can start using them the right way.

Create Content Offers

What is a Content Offer?

It's designed to attract your buyer persona (ie target audience) to fill out their name and details in order to receive the content that you created. It has to be of value that the person (your buyer persona) is going to be wanting to leave their name and email address. By doing this they are agreeing to join your mailing list so you can follow up with the additional nurturing content.


Step 1 Getting very clear on what is their problem


You are the expert of your business and your target audience is looking for help to their problem. As a business owner you already know this because they're asking you in the day to day interaction that you have with them.

The key is narrowed down into the problem. For example I'm a do marketing and lead generation for my clients. My job to create methods and tools for my clients to help them can get more customers. So the problem is could be "How to Get More Customers".


Step 2 Use Google Search For Ideas

While I know many of my potential customers have this problem. What I'm also want to know is are people searching for this term on Google. This is called keywords and I want to show you a beginner's technique which is very powerful and time saving on how you can find keywords to match with your presentation to attract more clients without having to spend an hour was doing keyword research.

So go to Google Search and type in the problem


Then scroll down to bottom of the Google search results

Inbound Marketing

There you will see the search suggestions that other people have been searching for here. In this example I like the problem "How To Get Clients For Consulting Business"


Step 3 Use PowerPoint To Create a Presentation

While there many ways to create content, I strongly recommend for business owners to use create presentation using PowerPoint because it fast and visual. Then using a screen recording software create a short video presentation share your expect advice how to solve the problem. I use it costs about $20 for the year)

I recommend to keep the video short, normally about 5 to 8 mins. While your presentation can be longer, just make sure it is not boring.


Step 4 Upload to Presentation to YouTube

Upload your video to Youtube (If you need help check out this How To Properly Upload Videos To YouTube )

Create Content Offers

Step 5 Create Thank You On Your Website

This is web page people will view the presentation after they filled out their name and email address on the landing page. (See the next step).

What is Thank You Web page? A thank you page is a web page where website visitor is redirected immediately after they submit their name and email address in your form on your landing page.
Guide Business Owners

Step 6 Create Your Landing Page

Your landing page will have head line, text and form for people to enter their name and email address that will redirect to the Thank You web page so they can watch the presentation.

Creating Landing page can be a bit hard depending on what website and email marketing tools you are using. To help I would recommend access our free guide Optimising Landing Pages here.

Now if you have any questions or you wanting some help with your presentation or how to craft your presentation please remember we are available for help. You are well access the Marketing Mastermind Group app for further assistance.


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