Are you new to Brisbane's startup ecosystem? If so, you'll be glad to know that there close to 100 coworking spaces, incubators, accelerator programs, VCs and angel investor firms that are eager to help you. These services have enabled business traction for countless startups and have fostered numerous industry successes.  (Other resource guides for check out Gold Coast start up, Sunshine Coast start up and Queensland regional startup)

As Brisbane’s ecosystem continues to develop, it is essential for Brisbane startups to remain in the loop on the latest in services and resources. In order to optimise your startup operations, we have compiled a list of resources available to you.

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Brisbane Coworking Spaces 

If you're looking for an office space for your startup, you'll be pleased to know that there are countless coworking spaces available to you in Brisbane. These spaces are situated in or close to Brisbane’s CBD, New Farm and the Fortitude Valley. They are conveniently located close to public transport so that you can travel to and from the office with ease.

They understand that your needs are different, so collectively these spaces have the resources to accommodate any type of startup. No matter your office needs, Brisbane’s wide range of coworking spaces ensures that you’ll find one that’s right for you.

Here are 16 coworking spaces we've put together just for you:


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Brisbane Incubators

If your startup is in need of some hands-on business support, you're lucky enough to have a range incubators that can provide you with the support you're looking for. These incubators provide startups with the mentoring, training, programs, and other business resources to optimise growth for startups like yours. Throughout each and every stage of your startup journey, these incubators will be here to assist you.

They do so within an environment that is productive and driven, has shared know-how and is connected to a greater network. Regardless of your startup vision and goals, Brisbane’s incubators have the capacity to help you get to where you want to be. These incubators are also conveniently located close to Brisbane’s CBD and are within close range of public transport.

Here are 6 awesome incubators we have uncovered:


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Brisbane Accelerators

Achieving optimal startup growth can be challenging. Luckily, there are countless accelerator programs available to startups like yours. These Brisbane accelerators aim to assist startups in achieving growth acceleration across the short-term – typically around 3 months.

Joining one of Brisbane’s accelerator programs will see your startup receiving extensive hands-on support to maximise scaling. These programs also specialise in specific industries and areas including, indigenous businesses, sport, mining, fashion, tech and software.

These accelerators are also located close to Brisbane’s CBD and public transport, ensuring convenient travel to and from the office.

Below are 13 accelerator programs that may be of interest to you:


Brisbane Venture Capital & Advisory Firms

Having adequate finances is a challenge for many startups. If you're in the same boat, you'll be relieved to know that there are numerous venture capital and advisory firms available to you. These firms are designed to serve Brisbane’s startup community through financial assistance and support to ensure business traction and success. These firms will aim to directly connect you with investors to ensure a more personal and specialised experience. 

Here are 16 awesome VCs we've put together for you: 


Brisbane Angel Investment Firms & Communities

As a Brisbane startup, you're also fortunate enough to have access to various angel investment firms. These firms comprise of individuals who are interested in providing funding to your startup in exchange for a share in your company, where investment motives stem from social and community impact goals.

These firms specialise in offering financial support to early-stage startups, which is ideal for equipping young Brisbane startups with the necessary resources to grow. 

To get you up to speed, here are 4 angel investment firms:


image of financial meeting with angel investor and a startup entrepreneur


Brisbane Entrepreneurship Programs

Have you ever thought about brushing up on your entrepreneurial skills? There is always more to be learnt and Brisbane’s startup landscape can accommodate this with the many entrepreneurship programs on offer. These programs are designed to provide specialised mentoring, services and opportunities to empower entrepreneurs and to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit.

These programs differ significantly relative to the types of experiences on offer. While IdeaHub, Hot Desq and iLab offer intensive and experiential learning and networking opportunities, the Venturer Program offers a wilderness expedition that encompasses a range of activities and challenges designed to build the mental stamina and resilience that is typically found in successful entrepreneurs.

In contrast, the Peak Persona program and the Fiftysix creations program respectively involve short-term coaching and inspiration courses, and resources to help young people build their entrepreneurial and financial literacy skills. The varied range of entrepreneurial programs offered within Brisbane ensures that you can find one that's perfect for you.

Here are 6 totally fresh and unique programs on offer:


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Business Support & Consultancy Services

Perhaps your startup is in need of some guidance and support. If so, you can rest assured that your startup will be in good hands with some of Brisbane's business support services. These services are here to support startups like yours in various areas such as advice, research and innovation.

These organisations are passionate about startups and are eager to provide assistance wherever they can. 

Here are 8 business support services available to you:


Brisbane Enterprise Communities & Hubs

Have you ever considered joining an entrepreneurial community? If not, it's definitely something to think about, as these communities can help play an integral role in providing you with the necessary business tools, resources and underpinning network to drive business prosperity. 

These communities are highly effective in providing conducive business environments that enable you to be interconnected within Brisbane’s business landscape. They have been built for different business areas including entrepreneurship, finance, hacking, AI, healthcare, media, biotechnology and social causes.

Below are 17 brilliant communities that may interest you:


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Brisbane Shared Resources & Innovation Hubs

If your startup is looking to engage in some serious business research or innovation, there are various research centres, shared resource facilities and innovation hubs available to you in Brisbane. These centres are focused on collectively making resources readily available to the public and facilitating business research and innovation. 

If this is something that interests you, here are 6 awesome centres worth checking out:


Brisbane Business Events and Conventions

Feeling as though you're missing out on the action of Brisbane's business scene? If so, you'll be pleased to know that there are various business events and conventions taking place throughout the year.

The Young Starters Competition is designed to support young entrepreneurs by building their business skills and developing their startup ideas, whilst River Pitch is aimed at gathering social investors for an evening where they are pitched investor ready projects. Additionally, Myraid and QUT CEA Creative3 are designed to celebrate the innovative and remarkable startup successes to demonstrate support of Brisbane’s flourishing startup ecosystem.

If any of these events are of interest to you, feel free to check them out below:


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Brisbane Media

If the business media is something that you would like to learn more about or get in touch with, Brisbane has various active media organisations within the startup ecosystem. Many of them are responsible for sparking global conversations on entrepreneurs, startups, success stories and conventions.

Here are 3 awesome media outlets that may interest you:


Image of a hashtag at a startup media event in Brisbane


We hope that you have found this resource useful and that you are able to better navigate Brisbane’s startup ecosystem. You are now up to date with the latest and greatest in business services and resources available to you. If you would like to read more on startup tools, be sure to check our other resource relevant to Queensland startups.

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Good Luck!


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