Email Marketing Tips: The Top 3 Challenges and How to Solve Them

July 8, 2014
David McMahon

David McMahon

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email marketing tips
Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool. But like any other marketing approach, there are also many challenges that you face when using this important marketing tool.

  1. Integrating email data with other data systems 
  2. Improving deliverability 
  3. Growing and retaining subscribers
  4. Achieving measurable return on investment or ROI
  5. Using email for funnel optimization

The survey ranked these top challenges as significant. Consider these email marketing tips and strategies to overcome these top 3 challenges:


Challenge #1: Integrating Email data with other data systems


Every marketer wants to have easy access to as much data as possible to get the best marketing message to attract more customers to their business. Data integration from various sources allows marketers to optimize their email marketing content to obtain higher sales leads, and provide customers with a positive buying experience.

There are ways to integrate your data systems properly:

  • Obtaining useful tools

Using the right tool for data integration allows you to collect and collate results data from your email marketing, lead management efforts, blog posts, and give you a clear and easily understandable report. Use this to base your future marketing decisions on.

  • Clear Segmentation

Compiling your marketing databases lets you identify various consumer segments to create content that is highly targeted. Keep your buyer persona in mind when you access the integrated marketing system. Also focus on the opportunity to send out the right message to the right target audience.

  • Develop Content

To create better content is the goal when compiling your marketing results data. Once you know what your customer wants, you create compelling content to address these needs, obtaining more sales with these customers in the future.


Challenge #2: Improving Deliverability


This issue is a matter of obtaining and maintaining the information of your contacts properly. What is deliverability? It’s the ratio of emails sent versus how many of these emails really make it into your recipient's inboxes. Not all messages arrive in your contacts' inboxes.

When your contact fails to receive your email, it is called "bounce". There are two kinds of bounces, "soft" and "hard". A bounce can be a problem for two reasons. If you have a low deliverability rate, internet service providers may block you. Low deliverability rate also means wasted money, time, and effort trying to reach out to your contacts.

Practicing email hygiene is the best way to improve your deliverability rate:

  • Regularly update and maintain your contact list.
  • Develop a stricter opt-in process.
  • Invite them to your preference centre.


Challenge #3: Growing and Retaining your Subscribers


This is one of the most difficult processes for many marketers. Though it's a good thing to filter or prune inactive people from your contact list to reduce your undeliverable email rate, it's also crucial to add and retain more active subscribers to ensure that you reach more people to ultimately join your business.

Unfortunately, a lot of marketers purchase leads for their business and send out spam messages to people who aren’t even interested in their products or services. Because of this, people will unsubscribe or list your message as spam.

To stop buying leads and earn your subscribers, consider these three email marketing tips:

  • Give your customers a reason why they should opt-in.
  • Email people with the right message
  • Optimize and Test

If you want to learn more about the challenges faced when using email marketing check this guide out on how to solve them effectively.

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