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8 Ways HubSpot Improves Marketing for Businesses

January 19, 2016
David McMahon

David McMahon

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hubspot working for business logoOne of the common questions asked by many business owners is,

"Do I need to use the HubSpot platform for my inbound marketing?"

The simple answer is no, however there is a lot of value in using HubSpot as it is a software that contains all that you need to make your inbound marketing successful, so why wouldn't you?

With this powerful inbound marketing software, you can blog, send e-mails, monitor your social media, create effective web and landing pages, perform marketing automation, SEO, and a lot more.

Now let's take a peek at the ways that HubSpot can improve your business and take it to a much higher level.



HubSpot has a top of the line content management system that can be tailored to any type of business. Basically, HubSpot offers blogging software which is integrated into your SEO and lead generation tools. Its blogging feature allows you to promote your content to various social media. It also has a powerful SEO tool built right in. Not only that, you can also get recommendations on blog topics that can help improve your rankings in major search engines. 


SEO Tools

HubSpot offers a wide variety of tools to help optimize your site. Using HubSpot, SEO is built into everything that you do. You can research keywords, track your competitors, and get some instructions on content that will help your site ranking. The SEO tool is incorporated into your content tool so you can effectively optimize your site.



Tracking results and analyzing data is a time-consuming but very important task that you should do to make sure that your overall performance has been effective. HubSpot's Analytics tool will help take the hassle out of analyzing the data by putting it all in a single location.

HubSpot Analytics is people-centric. People are very important in marketing. In fact, marketing is all about people. And it is not just about anonymous page views. This tool targets and contextualizes all your contacts using data-rich, individual profiles, and complete database reporting.


Social Inbox

HubSpot Social Inbox is also one of the most helpful tools. A lot of social media tools only track keywords, providing you with lists of words from any person who has talked about a topic, no matter who those individuals are. HubSpot's Social Inbox focuses more on people. It monitors more than your keywords by focusing more on the people who are valuable to your business.


HubSpot Sites

Most websites treat all their visitors the same way. As part of the Content Optimization System, HubSpot knows the unique needs of visitors and optimizes the content to fit each one. Using its responsive design, websites on HubSpot look good on tablets, phones, or any other device.



It's extremely easy to create customized and dynamic calls-to-action using HubSpot. It increases conversion rates by testing what works and gets rid of the others that don't.

Through the help of HubSpot, you can make and insert CTA's easily. Another thing is that the CTA manager is incorporated into all of your content tools so you won't have to leave your email or landing page in the middle of the paragraph to create a button. 


Landing Page Creation

Creating a powerful landing page has never been easier through HubSpot. Create an effective landing page in just 3 easy steps. You can select from the templates or you can make your own. Just enter the content in the WYSIWYG editor. Simply attach a form, publish and then you have an attractive new landing page. With HubSpot landing pages, you can make a default version that anyone can see. You can also choose a segment of people who'll receive a more customized message and you can also create a new version, showing only you that segment.



Using HubSpot's email tool, you'll never have to either import or export a CSV file. Your leads will be submitted to your contacts database automatically. They are also kept updated. You are also provided some email templates which have been tested and also optimized for conversion. To boost your inbound marketing strategy, use template packs. They ensure consistency on your landing pages, website pages, and emails. With HubSpot's, email, your targeted email can increase your click-through rate by almost three times. Using HubSpot, a smart list can be created which will automatically populate over time depending to the criteria you have set.

One of the goals of HubSpot is to make your inbound marketing system easy to manage by offering excellent automation. Whether you're running retail, an e-commerce industry or you're in the insurance and manufacturing industry, anyone who wants to have a strong presence online can benefit from using HubSpot.    



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