5 Important Metrics In Tracking Your B2B Email Marketing Campaign

July 3, 2018
David McMahon

David McMahon

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Email marketing is a powerful tool to generate leads for your business. Because most email campaigns result in sending a large volume of emails to many different recipients, tracking performance through established metrics becomes critical to the success of the campaign. Furthermore, it is important to use the same metrics as the popular mail servers to avoid running afoul of establish rules that could result in a shutdown of your email account. B2B email marketing campaigns.

We have listed 5 of the most widely used industry metrics. They can help create and calibrate a more effective plan to improve your marketing campaigns. b2b email marketing

  • Bounce Rate

The percentage of emails that fail to get into your recipient's inbox. Each time an email can't be delivered, whether it was seen as spam, or the address was incorrect, the email server registers the inability to deliver the message and sends a notification back to you that the mail could not be delivered. The inability to deliver the mail is called a "bounce".

This is the first and best indicator of problems within an email list. Bounces can be separated into “Hard” and “Soft” categories. Soft bounces are the result of a temporary problem with a valid email address like a full inbox or an issue with the server. Some recipient's server may hold the emails for delivery until the problem is solved. This mail is deliverable but may require a second attempt.

Hard Bounces, on the other hand are the result of an invalid, closed, or even non-existent email address or a blocked email account. These emails will never be sent and need to be removed from your email list. 

Many servers track this rate to determine if your email campaign should be allowed to continue or should be identified as spam. If identified as spam, there is little likelihood the email campaign will be successful.


  • Delivery Rate

This metric counts and reports the percentage of emails that are successfully sent to a recipients' inbox. It can be calculated by subtracting all hard and soft bounces from the total number of emails sent and dividing that number by the total emails sent.

This metric can measure an email’s success or failure. To engage with your existing customers or a potential prospect through an email campaign, your email must get through to their inboxes. Ideally, you want a delivery rate of 95% or higher. If your delivery rate is too low, it may mean that you have problems with your list.

5 Important Metrics


  • List Growth Rate

List growth rate indicates the speed at which your email list is growing. This is calculated by subtracting the opt-outs and the hard bounces from the number of new subscribers that you’ve obtained in a month; the remainder is divided by the list size.

This metric is very important, as it can identify email contacts that have dropped off the list. An effective email marketing campaign should generate new leads; but also needs to consider the number of email contacts lost.


  • Click Through Rate

Click through rate or CTR is an excellent way to know how engaged your recipients are when reading your email message. A high CTR means that the message you offered was very engaging and relevant to your customers. This also indicates that your message is being received by the right audience.


  • Email Sharing 

Email marketingWhen an existing customer or potential prospect shares your content on a social media site, it significantly improves your email visibility. This marketing metric identifies the which messages are most often shared, allowing you to identify the messages that are connecting you to your target market. This is critical for a successful marketing campaigns because it tells you what you’re doing right.  

If you want to learn more about the important metrics to track your email message performance click here 


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 Originally published  30 July 2014, last updated 1 July 2018

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