5 Clever Tips to Leverage Client Feedback for More Referrals

October 27, 2017
David McMahon

David McMahon

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Leverage ClientToday I'm talking about the five tips to help drive client referrals for your business. Let's begin

1.You need to identify your promoters. I define "promoters" as people who love your business and love hanging out with you. A simple way to find these people is use Net Promoter Score method.

What is Net Promoter Score?

Net Promoter Score is asking your customers 1 question. "How likely are you to refer us to your friends and family? (on a scale of 1 to 10).

There are three levels, detractors, passive, and promoters.

  • If someone scored you between 1 and 6, we'd class that as a detractor. (they are not in love with you).
  • If someone scored you 7 or 8, and they use your service, they're happy, but they're necessarily going to go out of their way to promote you.
  • If someone scored you 9 or 10, they love you. They are your promoters. They are the ones that will be more likely to share information, share your product, and write online reviews.

For smaller business that do not have a sophisticated CRM system, find your promoters by looking at your list of clients manually. (ie looking for people who have share your posts on social media, they like your service, they rave about your service, left a comment a blog post etc).

Client Referrals

2. You need to follow up with your promoters. You have to start a conversation and invite them to leave a review. A good approach to is using the phrase

99% of our customers come to us by word of mouth. So could I ask you to do me a favour and leave a review at our website here <insert link>

3. If somebody gives you positive feedback by email use that on your website and your other marketing. 

4. Turning a passive to a promoter. This gets a little more complicated because I talking about improving your service or product. I often speak about  Customer Relationship Formula is


Level of Customer Relationship is Equal to Sum of experiences that customers has with your business over time.


To understand "customer experiences" is not what you do, but how they perceive experience at the time. So thinking about how you can improve customer follow-up. Every 3 months I look at my business and ask "how I could improve" follow up and implement a small change like write a better email, add extra a follow up phone call into our exist systems.

5 Clever Tips Referrals


5. Use incentive to give referrals. Using a financial reward to get referral works, but I don't like seeing people doing it as their first offer, because is called affiliate marketing. The danger is you miss the opportunities to improve "customers experience" so be careful.


So guys, that's the top five. 


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