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4 Cost Effective Inbound Marketing Techniques that Work

February 2, 2016
David McMahon

David McMahon

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Marketers need to change their idea that quantity is more important than quality. Articles that are hastily published, without considering the relevance of the topics, and how well written the pieces are, are becoming irrelevant. Some companies feel there is a need to produce content just for the sake of putting forth “fresh” content on their blogs. The reality is that both Google and users want quality pieces.

inbound marketing techniques

There are many different strategies that your company needs to be using to ensure great Inbound marketing results. Some however are more cost effective than others. Here are four best strategies that will surely work for your SEO:


Establishing Blog Publishing Volume to Generate and Convert Leads

If you’re taking on the blogosphere to help promote your business, just remember, you don’t have to blog 3 times a day, or even every single day for that matter. It’s just not a cost effective inbound marketing practice! What you can do is determine the relationship between the number of blog entries per week and the quantity of acquired customers. If you’re able to pinpoint this, then you just have to stick to that volume to maintain your customer acquisition rate. There’s no need to waste your precious resources on further blogging.


Diversifying and Improving Marketing Offers

Marketing offers are the core of any inbound marketing campaign. But keep in mind that variety is key in the dynamic world of marketing. Out of the numerous offers that you’ve rolled out over the years, you often tend to stick to one that has worked for you. However its conversion rate can decline as it reaches saturation point. When this happens, it’s time to retire the offer or improve it.

In order not to get stuck in a run-of-the mill, lacklustre offer, you have to learn how to diversify, generate attention grabbing promotions, and always strive to improve existing offers. Those that have consistently been performing well above the average should be enhanced and expanded.


Focus on Organic Link Building Instead of Creating Microsites

One of the metrics used by SEO companies to determine if they are successful with their projects, is the number of inbound links the site they are developing gets. This is one aspect of SEO that you don’t have much influence to manipulate. However, it has become common practice for some to create different microsites to link to the main domain. This is not a cost effective SEO tactic as maintaining a high quality microsite entails large expenses and often incredible amounts of time. Remember it’s not just the number of inbound links that matters, the quality of these sites also has significant weight.

Creating microsites just for links is a waste of time; organic inbound links are the right way to go. Focus more on creating quality content and marketing strategies that are sure to attract your target market.


Targeted Media Marketing Campaigns

Business owners know informed and intelligent marketing can maximize lead generation and increase conversion. Campaigns that lack targeting are just a waste of precious time, effort, money, ad impressions, and other resources.

The development of new technology and online platforms have also brought about changes in paid advertising targeting options. Social networking sites have also recognized the potential of their media as a powerful marketing tool.

Companies such as Facebook and Twitter are now offering paid advertising, allowing marketers to reach out to their intended audience through their mobile device or computer. You can even pinpoint members of your market based on their interests and username!

This is the type of well-defined targeted marketing that you should employ, whether it’s on social media or PPC. You have to take full advantage of resources and tools that are at your disposal. Always remember - quality over quantity. It doesn’t matter if your PPC campaigns reach a smaller number of people,as long as they’re your intended market,your conversion rates will be higher.

These strategies, and more should be used by you to ensure that your company is achieving great lead generation results. If you'd like more information on these strategies the new e-book "How to Imporve Your Lead Generation Using Inbound Marketing" can help. Remember it’s free!

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