3 Best Live Chat Welcome Message Examples For Website Conversion

September 4, 2018
David McMahon

David McMahon

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Website Conversion

Facebook Messenger is a person to person interface app that really gets my Adrenalin going. This application facilities business to customer conversations that can drive conversions and revenue. My adrenaline jumps to the next level when I think about the new range of technology called Chat Bots, similar to, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Echo and Siri on the iPhones. These amazing tools are designed to be assistants to personal technology and what’s more, the trend of Chat Bots available for business owners to use on your website, is growing.

The economies of scale in using artificial intelligence in the form of Chat Bots to perform more customer related functions, saves valuable time and money. Now this is all very exciting but the golden rule still applies: “Garbage in = Garbage out.” If  the Chat Bots’ fed with the correct information, still cannot answer customer questions  may be the source of great frustration.

So, now you have to ask, “How do I start capturing that information and applying it to the relationship between you and your customer?” It all starts with Live Chat software.

Live Chat is the learning ground used to move into Chat Bots technology that comes with powerful marketing tools like HubSpot CRM and gain the benefit of increased website conversions and potential increase sales.

I will explain how to write your welcome message further down the column. First, I would like to explain 5 ways this business tool can benefit your sales process:

  1. Website optimisation – a message that invites comments and questions about the website, products or service and records those answers in a meaningful, organized way can really help you craft your message to the customer and streamline the buying experience. There’s nothing more valuable than the customer communicating insight as to why they buy your product.
  2. Customer feedback – placing Live Chat on the Thank You page after the purchase of the product or service allows you to perform two important functions:
    • you can reinforce the purchase decision avoiding buyer’s remorse and
    • begin customer service thereby maintaining the customer relationship.
    • The customer feedback during this process is extremely valuable.
  3. Book Appointment – This feature allows you to fill your week with customer interaction by managing your calendar. You can allow people to make an appointment directly into a salesperson calendar and choose the most convenient time for them.
  4. Building Relationships – The customer connection strengthens with advanced Live Chat software that can match an existing customer with a specific sales person and provide a photo of the account manager during the session. Just be aware that this feature would have to be integrated into your CRM system.
  5. Close deals – Most importantly, Live Chat lets you alleviate concerns during the buyer process, as they are convinced that your product or service is the solution to their problem. Building relationship is all about micro-steps helping to close the deal and that's where  Live Chat really helps.
Website  Welcome Chat

3 Step Formula to Write Your Welcome Message:


Step 1 : The context of the Situation

Determine the context of where the prospect is in their journey. There are two things to consider here, the functionality of the Live Chat tool and placement on your website. A good Live Chat tool can give you four option messages based on the type of website visitor:

  • Anonymous users- a web visitor who is in incognito mode,  have turned off cookie tracking and other tracking details in their web browser. They are going to be very conscious of their privacy.
  • Repeat visitors- using cookies can help determine if a person is coming back for the second time etc. This allows you to change the context of your message.
  • List segmentation- determine if the person is a customer or a prospect depending on how you segment in them your CRM system. HubSpot CRM has a Live Chat feature that can change the message, in real time, depending on list segmentation.  For example, you may want a different message for an Australian customer compared to a person from UK or America.
  • Everyone - is the default message used for everyone. If the Live Chat software can't classify  the type of website visitor, the software will use this option.

As with all messages what and how you say something is as important as the timing of the message. Placement will determine the context of the message. Your website is your shop and a customer visiting the blog section is not ready to have a sales conversation. So your Live Chat will be tailored to deliver a message relating to the blog rather than an introduction to a sale. Your homepage is designed to direct people, like in a shop, the isle a person enters will give you a clue, as to how best to help them. You break up your website typically into the homepage, contact us, service and/or product web pages, blog article etc. Your welcome message will depend on where they are. A common mistake is to write one message for the whole website.

3 Best Live Chat

Step 2: Educate the person

Educating customers as they make  buying decision, is crucial in making a sale. Not in that you just direct the customer to your product but rather because you establish yourself as a source of information they can trust. While working with Google’s artificial intelligence product called “Google Home,” I noticed that as you start the conversation, your list of options unfold, while the conversation is happening. The education happens immediately and in the most helpful way. Employing this technology on your website can establish your company and message as a source of information. Education can take many forms, such as a promotional offer (ie 10% discount) or a unique element on the web page (ie offer to help determine the right clothing item or help to calculate shipping costs). For example, “Hi my name is John. Can I help you calculate the shipping cost?”


Step 3: To invite the person


The most important part of any sale is to ask for the sale. While the phrase may take on many different parts, the meaning is the same, “Would you like to begin your purchase?” In some cases, you may want to phrase this by simply asking to continue the conversation in a different forum or you may ask for some information to start the decision process in the buyer’s mind.

For inspiration I recommend walking into a specialty shop where the retailer really knows how to interact with people and listen to how they welcome and start a conversation with people in real life. Nothing beats listening to a real sales pro. 

Welcome Message

The 3 Best Welcome Live Chat Messages Examples


  • “Hello, thank you for visiting, can I help you in any-way?”’
  • “Hello, thank you for visiting, we wanted to let you know about our 10% discount on all items  until the end of the month. Can I help you find a particular item?”
  • “Hello, my name is Sally, I can help you with determining clothes size and calculating shipping costs. You can ask me here.”

Small improvement beats delayed perfection so, I encourage everyone to embrace Live Chat knowing the trend of Chat Bots and artificial intelligence for your business.  It will be a game changer for future profits and improve customer service.


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