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online advertising with adwords

A Google AdWords campaign has 107+ options and settings giving you access to powerful marketing tools with the precision to target any person who uses the Internet (within a 5km radius to anywhere in the world).

This is a proven and consistent marketing tool for most marketers, as long as you know what you’re doing. Google AdWords works but can be expensive if you not aware of ROI. As explained by Smartmoney's The Most Expensive Google Adwords In Austraia. 

Google Adwords gives most businesses the accumulated power to target ten to tens of thousand of potential customers per month. And by using location technology Google AdWords gives marketers the option of targeting surrounding areas, cities, regions, states and countries, while giving you total control of your monthly advertising budget.

Call today for an AdWords assessment to determine if AdWords will work for your business. Or if you’re already using AdWords and would like help improving your results, call us on 1300 887 865.


Google AdWords Packages


Our Google AdWords Management Packages are for businesses who are wanting:

  • To grow their market share or who are seeking to launch a new product / service
  • To reduce the overall cost per click and their AdWords monthly spend
  • To calculate the true cost per lead and the cost per acquisition
  • To reduce their time needing to stay up to date with technology and the latest changes

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Optimising Service (starting $350 per month (+GST))   

Google AdWords management is an on-going expense for a business and like all expenses it needs to be regularly reviewed. Our Google Adwords consultants provide a daily budget check, a weekly performance review, and monthly A/B testing of ads to improve the click-thru rate to reduce the overall cost per sale.

Creating an Campaign (starting from $960 (+GST))  

Using AdWords it’s possible to start driving traffic to a business’ website within hours of setting up a new campaign. This rapid deployment makes it possible to measure the success or failure of a new product / service faster than most other marketing methods. This speed is a great tool for any business wanting to test the marketing of a new product / service; or grow the business’ locations.

Our Google AdWords Consultants can create an AdWords campaign for a business starting from $960 (+GST) for 3 ad groups using up to 15 keywords and writing 2 text ads per ad group. For larger campaigns an Adwords consultant performs a “AdWords Campaign Review” to review and discuss your requirements. 

Call Crocodile Marketing now on 1300 887 865 to speak with an AdWords Consultant about how you can use AdWords to promote your business today. 

Why our AdWords Management Process Gets Results

The process is started with you and our Adwords Consultant reviewing your AdWords account and setting your goals and outcomes. Each working day the your consultant will be responsible for any AdWords account warnings and alerts like competitors attempting to outbid on keywords as well as any other issue that may affect the keyword Quality Score.

Free Ebook Download - How to Use Google AdwordsEach week we save you time by reviewing:

  • The Quality Score and pause any keywords that have a low quality score. (a low quality score means the relevance of the ad and landing page is poor for the visitor).
  • Adding Negative Keywords - reviewing search results to remove any non-relevant keywords 
  • Test Destination URL to ensure the webpages are working and contain no errors; issues will be reported to the client.

Once the a month the we check (as agreed by you) the Ad performance report and Quality Score to identify small changes that will improve the overall AdWords performance. This may involve:

  • Restructuring keywords in different ad groups to improve the Quality Score
  • Write new text ads for A/B Testing to try and improve the Click-Thru-Rate
  • Make recommendations for landing pages to improve conversion rates
  • Add additional keyword / keywords to improve search volumes (dependent on client goals)
  • Add ad extensions to improve ad performance (dependent on client goals)

For New AdWords Campaign

Before starting the Adwords Consultant will meet with you to discuss and understand your business and marketing goals for the new AdWords campaign. This meeting will determine the projects AdWords budget as well as the product / service.

For each product / service there must be a landing page with a clear call-to-action or promotional offer. The meeting will also determine the locations, devices and another requirements. The Adwords Consultant will also need access to your client AdWords account. (If you do not have one we can create one for you).

We will do keyword analysis for the product / service and identify keyword ad groups of 7 to 15 keywords. For each ad group the consultant will write 3 text ads. There will generally be 2 or 3 ad groups per product / service.

The ads and keywords will then be proof read and quality checked by other senior staff members. The campaign will be setup in your AdWords account. Once the campaign starts the we will review your account at the 24 hour mark and again at Day 3. The campaign will then be moved to the Optimising Service.


Free AdWords Guides To Help You

How To Quickly Optimize and Reduce the Cost of Google AdWords

How to optimize google adwords ebook coverIn this eBook, you will learn:
  • what is a paid search engine and how it works best for your business
  • how to use paid search and reduce spending
  • how to use various Google Adwords strategies and know which to apply
  • the five measuring metrics so you can set realistic goals and analyse your result
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5 Simple Ways to Tell if AdWords is Right for Your Business

how to determine if google adwords is right for you - guide coverIn this guide we'll share five simple tips to let you know if investing in Google AdWords is the right thing for your business. Plus:
  • Coming up with an ideal customer or client profile (aka buyer persona)
  • Create a marketing budget
  • Effective sales funnel
Click here to download now!

Helpful AdWords Articles and Videos

How to Sign Into My Google AdWords Account Video

In this AdWords management tutorial for beginners, we run you though how to sign-in to your Google AdWords account so you can makes changes to your own campaign and change billing preference. You will also learn how to pause your AdWords account to help you control your advertising budget.

Recommended AdWords articles to help you get better results

Call today for an AdWords assessment to determine if AdWords will work for your business. Or if you’re already using AdWords and would like help improving your results, call us on 1300 887 865.

Adwords FAQ

When to Use Google AdWords?

AdWords is a direct way to attract web traffic to your business within a 24 hours and it is still one of most affordable pay-per-click solutons when done correctly. For most businesses AdWords is an efficient marketing method given you detailed performance metrics and the flexibility bugeting options. The best time to use Adwords is

  • When needing build web traffic while waiting for your organic search (SEO) traffic to increase
  • A/B testing for new keywords as part of SEO and content marketing strategy
  • Launch of new product or services
  • Seasonal retail promotions such as Christmas, Easter, winter/summar sales

Why Work With a Google Partner?

Croocdile Markeitng is proud to be a Google Partner. The Google Partner status ensures all our consultants stay up to date needing to take the exams every 12 months and meet Google high standard of training and best practices. 

Does Adwords Really Work?

The best way to determine is look at recent public articles and reviews of other business. We draw your attend to following Does google Adwords Really work?(By The Sydney Morning Herald) and Advertisers Should Check Weight between Digital and Traditional (The Australian)


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