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For years, marketing departments have struggled to deliver campaigns on time and effectively track the results (ROI). But with today’s emphasis on getting more bang for your buck, marketing has to rein in campaign costs more closely than ever.  That challenge has led many to turn to better campaign management, lead tracking, close loop marketing and Agile Scrums as a way to boost marketing efficiency, cut costs, and improve on campaign delivery in terms of budget and conversions.

How does the Marketing ROI Reporting Consulting Benefit You?

Each month the Inbound and Marketing ROI Reporting consulting helps to define and maintain standards for marketing campaigns within the organization. The ROI reporting appraisal service strives to standardize and introduce economies of repetition in the execution of marketing campaigns. One of the great things about marketing online is that you can measure every aspect of the process.

It’s vital to measure, analyse and learn from the performance metrics of campaigns. Without measurement you don't know what worked or didn't work, how well it worked and what you gained. We schedule regular reporting and feedback meetings where we share the overall programme efficiency against business goals and return on investment to key stakeholders.

roi-reporting-guy-doing-analysis.jpgWhy the Marketing ROI Reporting Consulting Works?

The monthly Marketing ROI Reporting reviews can certainly lead to reduced expenses and fewer projects, but the first motive for using the ROI Reporting is to deliver strategic marketing campaigns with more consistency and efficiency.  The ROI Reporting normally delivers a return in three to six months by providing the visibility needed to cancel, postpone, or scale back unnecessary or less strategic marketing campaigns. 

What’s Included in the Marketing ROI Reporting Consulting?

Our Marketing ROI Reporting Consulting service makes it possible for you to not only measure, but also refine and optimize your marketing efforts. If you’re not an analytics expert, then it can be difficult understanding what to track, how to interpret the data and what it means for your business. The Inbound and ROI Reporting Appraisal includes:

  • Creating monthly marketing reports that show progress made toward your goals.
  • Assess, analyze, deploy and develop KPIs across all marketing channels using Hubspot and Google Analytics.
  • Provide you & your staff with comprehensive business insights and recommendations for future marketing strategies, content and activities.
  • Professional advice and counsel on how to invest your marketing budget and prioritize your marketing efforts to maximize ROI.
  • Provides marketing managers with all the information they need to run marketing campaigns with the least amount of effort and training

Marketing ROI Report Consulting Packages

We offer several Marketing ROI Report consulting service packages with ongoing technical support and marketing assistance to ensure the long-term success of our customers. You enjoy priority access to our local professional certified Hubspot consultants, Google Analytics consultants and technical support reps. Let's take a look at the options...

Services Gold VIP Platinum
Marketing Team Size up to 2 staff members up to 6 staff members up to 10 staff members
# of concurrent projects / campaigns up to 1 up to 3 up to 5
Analysis Monthly Marketing ROI & KPI  Reports green-tick-small.png green-tick-small.png green-tick-small.png
Monthly Meeting to discuss reports and campaigns. Including Hubspot & Google Analtycs green-tick-small.png green-tick-small.png green-tick-small.png
Training and coaching of marketing tasks & campaigns management using Agile style best practices. green-tick-small.png green-tick-small.png green-tick-small.png
Marketing Automation strategy & technical advice * green-tick-small.png green-tick-small.png green-tick-small.png
Marketing staff debrief sessions on content results green-tick-small.png green-tick-small.png green-tick-small.png
Access to consultants for additional team meetings via conference calls and email when required green-tick-small.png green-tick-small.png green-tick-small.png
Price $900 (+gst) per month $2200 (+gst) per month $5500 (+gst) per month


* guide your marketing team on your inbound marketing journey and make sure you have all the resources and advice you need to get started with marketing automation as quickly as possible.

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